Technology & Transformation

Our approach to technology is agnostic, pragmatic and user centric.  For decades, we’ve put the user front and centre of all our technology designs - even the most technical ones.

For our clients, we facilitate digital transformation, driven by business need, value and outcomes. 

This applies right across our technology and transformation portfolio of custom web and mobile apps, solutions integration, cloud migration, and middleware integration, as well as our service centres in France, Morocco and Mauritius, where we offer everything from 24/7 support and consulting to design, rollout and optimisation.

Our expertise

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Our expert teams of developers can create applications tailored to your specific needs that aren’t covered by the turnkey solutions on the market.

We have a long history of successfully setting up digital service centres for companies that have a significant number of complex applications which use multiple technologies.

Our cloud professionals can offer consultation and support for your cloud migration, design the best cloud computing architecture for you, and develop custom cloud-based applications.

We have the technical expertise to help you select the best technology to meet your challenges and support you in coming to grips with the various approaches and innovations.

We offer standardised services for implementation, assistance and maintenance of the most popular e-Commerce software solutions for PIM, DXP, DAM and CMS.

With deep experience integrating Agile and Lean methods, our experts will deliver high-quality projects that meet your deadlines, stakeholder commitments and scope.

Our service centres provide robust and reliable, enterprise-grade application management and hosting 24/7, all year round.