Get on the S4/Hana bus

Sales Lentz

Get on the S4/Hana bus

Updating your old technology doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride. SQLI was called in to introduce the newest version of S4/Hana at Sales-Lentz to optimize their processes and make them ready for a bright future.

Get on the S4/Hana bus

Sales-Lentz is a renowned bus company in Luxemburg, providing made-to-measure bus trips for everyone, to anywhere a bus can go. Naturally, this entails a great deal of logistical actions that need to function like clockwork. So, keeping their tagline in mind - “Moving people, moving you” - they decided to move their old data and processes to a new system.

Get on the S4/Hana bus for Sales-Lentz

The goal?

The challenge

As Sales-Lentz wants their next system to be future-proof, they had the following requirements they put to our dedicated SQLI team:

  • Organizational: they wanted a solution that would allow them to organize themselves with more modern and ergonomic tools.
  • Functional: the new system would gradually become the core application throughout their business.
  • Technological innovation: the new system must possess the latest technologies necessary for the digital transformation of the company.

The solution?

After our SQLI wheels turned round and round

After considering the requirements Sales-Lentz brought to the table, our team decided to opt for an implementation of the S4/HANA solution. The benefits of this system in this situation would be manyfold:

  • Possible to migrate the production system according to the wishes and timing of the client
  • Old system becomes completely obsolete, because the migration will be done in one go
  • Controlled & lower budget than a completely new implementation Built for the future

We proposed a roadmap divided into 3 distinct phases to allow a controlled migration towards the new system, without losing any important data or process along the way. After a preparatory and migration phase, a support phase was included as well in order to support the users as they find their way into the new solution.

The results?

The final destination?

Thanks to a successful implementation of the S4/HANA, Sales-Lentz is ready for a bright future. Introducing a new system can be very daunting, but the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. The new functionalities they will be able to use, the streamlined processes, and other optimizations in terms of communication and customer service; they will support an ambitious growth through innovation.

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