CSR biodiversity


Corporate social responsibility is a key focus for SQLI. It is embodied in our commitment to our employees and to our wider ecosystem: our customers, partners and suppliers.

SQLI’s social commitment centres on a number of HR, recruitment and health concerns.

Our equal opportunities policy, in the broadest sense, is one of the cornerstones of our HR and CSR policy.

  • 3.53 /5 Happy Trainees score
  • 89 /100 gender equality index
  • Top 25 of the highest ranked companies by Ecovadis

Company diversity is part of our DNA and SQLI takes great care when it comes to recruitment, career progression and professional training to carry out its work in compliance with non-discrimination principles. 

At SQLI, almost 200 trainees, work placement students and those with professional training contracts join the Group every year. We support and prepare them for their future roles and career by providing a range of training options.

SQLI utilises the services of specialist disability recruitment agencies to find talented individuals to join the group. Over the last few years, we have also been taking part in the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities (SEEPH) whose aim is to bring about awareness of employment and disability in the workplace. 

At the start of the Covid-19 crisis, SQLI deployed a targeted action plan to protect the health of employees and to guarantee the best working outcomes for our clients.

  • 2 Cyber World Clean-Up days
  • 80K bees sponsored
  • 300 trees planted

Our environmental commitment

SQLI is increasing its ‘green’ initiatives every year, including a travel reduction policy, free reusable bottles and cups for employees, reducing printing, and choosing suppliers with ‘fair’ products and practices. We also implement internal sustainability awareness-raising campaigns.

Like its headquarters and many of its branches, SQLI favours HQE certified buildings. HQE promotes best practices and sustainable quality in buildings ensuring resources, particularly water and electricity, are efficiently managed, buildings have established material recycling facilities and scope to sort waste.

For the last two years, we have been taking part in Cyber World Clean-Up day, an event that brings the Group’s employees together to make changes in our everyday work flow and reduce our digital systems footprint for the good of the environment.

Together with Reforest’Action, SQLI has planted 300 trees on a Moroccan agroforestry site. Beyond contributing to CO2 storage and oxygen generation, this project also forms part of an economic and social program that aims to provide local communities with support for self-sufficiency, economic development and food security.

In the Toulouse and Ile de France regions, 80,000 bees sponsored by SQLI gather nectar from the safety of two hives supported by Un toit pour les abeilles. Bees are valuable allies in biodiversity, they play a role in pollination and thereby in the reproduction of more than 80% of plant species and the production of more than ¾ of the world’s crops.