Multi-technology expertise

It's a significant challenge to digitalize a fundamental business process or create a digital product that's in sync with your consumers' wants and needs while also satisfying time-to-market, performance, and optimization requirements.

Choosing a technology agnostic partner allows you to take advantage of technical innovation to give the best possible service to your users, to build an upgradeable technological foundation, to lower your IT TCO, and to improve your agility and reactivity.

    A strategy that is technology agnostic

    Our strategy include picking the best technology in terms of:

    • User requirements (front-end & mobile technologies)
    • Business criteria that are essential (back-end technologies, low code, etc.)
    • Issues with the IT department (cloud, on-premise, multi-cloud, hybrid, etc.)
    • Best practices in software development (Agility, DevOps, DevSecOps, DDD, TDD, etc.)

    Expertise to meet all of your requirements

    SQLI offers 1,000 full-stack developers (JavaScript, Java,.NET, PHP, html/css, iOS, Android, and more) at your disposal, as well as architects, Scrum Masters, Agile coaches, and UX/UI designers.

    Our diverse teams assist you in achieving the following goals:

    • Determine the requirements, the return on investment, and the product roadmaps for future products
    • Create the architecture and user interactions
    • Create a solution that meets the requirements for time-to-market, quality, safety, and maintainability
    • Implement the solution
    • Collect and iterate on feedback
    • Maintain in order to provide the best possible service

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