Lean innovation

Innovation is now a core part of all corporate strategies and, as Gary Shapiro said at the last CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, "every company today is, or needs to be a tech company". Innovation is a powerful driver of performance in a market that is always more competitive.

To develop this innovation, we rely on our teams’ creative spirit and on a prospective approach to identifying, designing and deploying digital systems (organizations, methods and tools) that help businesses to grow.

Our mission

We want to spark our clients’ inspiration, and we scan the horizon to get ahead of the market in terms of use cases and technologies and compare them with the reality on the field during the user immersion stage.

Indeed, this concern for users guides us in identifying their issues and problems and in generating ideas through an approach based on learning, pragmatism and collective intelligence.

We are also convinced of the importance of testing solutions with real users to measure the real value and adjust the problem-solution-market equation. This allows us to make sure we have the right product for the right users with the most suitable business model.

Our approach

In order to be successful and create value, all innovation must contribute to the company's strategic objectives. This must be the starting point to build your innovation approach. It will guide you when choosing the type of innovation to pursue and the means to employ. In terms of means, you should identify or anticipate user needs, experiment with new technologies, uses and tools, in order to better understand them, and align everything to validate your innovation on a target market as early on as possible.

Our iterative approach, greatly inspired by Design Thinking, puts the user at the heart of our concerns so we can understand the context of use, open up the field of possibilities, and quickly test the solution in real conditions. The end goal is a product that is possible, viable and desirable.

To go further

A LAB to breathe life into your innovation approach, which promotes the development of ideas and concepts by providing the tools needed to put them into practice. It also encourages you to study the behaviors of users or consumers and find new solutions to get them to evolve. This naturally leads to the emergence of new markets to exploit. Finally, it makes it possible to jointly create innovations that are experimented directly with users.

A digital innovation lab allows you to industrialize the development of new concepts and to lead a community around innovation. Among the various cross-cutting missions in the lab, you will find:

  • Give shape to an idea and turning it into a product
  • Speed up the maturation of an idea (often too cautiously)
  • Connect internal and external stakeholders (catalyst network)
  • Acculturate employees to the innovation



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