WANTED: 500 new staff

In 2015 SQLI is recruiting experienced staff with 4 or 5 years' higher education

In 2015 SQLI is recruiting more than 500 new staff for its 17 agencies in France, the Benelux countries, Switzerland and Morocco. To strengthen its teams of experts at the forefront of fields such as mobility or connected commerce, but also teams of technical experts, project leaders or project managers, the group will continue with the deployment of its Employer brand embodied by the pledge: “Play The Digital Game”.


Whether they are more of a creative type, UX, developer, technologist, project leader, project manager, e-commerce expert, mobility expert, or an expert in a particular area of the business, it’s a safe bet that one of the career opportunities offered by SQLI will meet their expectations. Being one of the 500 staff recruited will be just the beginning: SQLI is not looking for just staff, but genuine long-term partners to join its teams of experts on projects which are highly diverse but where the common denominator is digital transformation. SQLI mostly recruits experienced staff (4 or 5 years' higher education) but also gives recent graduates a chance too.


Joining SQLI also means taking up many challenges, like surpassing yourself each day and always going beyond your capabilities. To promote this state of mind and to give its staff both the desire and means to constantly keep an eye on the future, for a number of years now, SQLI has set up a programme of training courses which are customised and adapted to each profile. In 2014, its staff had a total of more than 45,000 hours of training (job-related, technical, towards a certification or diploma): the package needed so that everyone flourishes in their job and stays at the cutting edge of their expertise.


In mid-2014 the SQLI Group launched a new Employer brand which adds value to its HR policy. Their "Play The Digital Game" Employer pledge reflects the 3 essential cornerstones of its approach:

  • Play: Each member of staff is fully involved in their professional development. Expertise, skill, motivation and commitment determine career paths within the Group.
  • Digital: All staff are focused on the Group's 100% Digital positioning. We are convinced that digital transformation is an essential issue for all companies and for the long-term.
  • Game: The notion of pleasure in day-to-day work is one of the Group's founding values. The 2014 HR survey reveals a 75% satisfaction rate among staff.

This pledge simultaneously embodies the Group's employees, its DNA and its internal spirit. SQLI's company culture combines professionalism and clear-thinking to foster a stimulating internal environment. "Play The Digital Game" means being proud of a dual "geek" and "marketing" culture where team work, mutual support, innovation and surpassing yourself are the core features.

  • Play The Digital Game
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To join us:  www.sqli-carrieres.com or our LinkedIn page.