SQLI works with New Relic to help brands put the focus back on user experience

The effectiveness of digital platforms is maximised

With the number of ingredients for the success of digital platforms constantly growing, real-time performance monitoring is crucial. This is why the digital experience agency SQLI has formed a partnership with New Relic, the market-leading Cloud instrumentation platform, designed to help clients create ultra-high-performance software.

Gaining a global vision

From the user device to infrastructure, real-time monitoring and analysis of the effectiveness and performance of the user journey is an essential challenge for any brand. With a constant vision of data and alerts via personalisable dashboards, all business, IT and management teams can be confident that issues are detected and actions are coordinated fast. They can therefore prioritise areas with the greatest return on investment.

With New Relic as its partner, SQLI and its certified experts are now able to address these challenges.

Ever more agility and responsiveness for digital experts

Yannick Olympio, Web & Mobile Solutions Manager at SQLI, explains: "The team is now able to know precisely which stage of the user journey to optimise. The work required to resolve problems is considerably reduced, from several hours to several minutes. The extent of a payment system failure is therefore limited, enabling users to complete their purchases. In this way, we can remove negative impacts before users even notice them. ”

Data supplied makes it possible to break down silos and create synergies between stakeholders with shared objectives, giving them a significant competitive advantage.Through this partnership, SQLI is strengthening its ability to design and deploy digital experience platforms for major European brands.

Karim Rehahla, Digital Projects Manager at Autodistribution, explains: "For our e-commerce platform, we needed to introduce a new monitoring system, in order to remove any uncertainties concerning the performance of our website, thanks to reliable information that enables us to better understand the origin of incidents. SQLI knows how to use the New Relic APM tool thanks to its certified experts, which is why we turned to them for support. The solution provides data used in all exchanges, with a DevOps approach and in order to define areas for improvement. ”

"New Relic is proud to collaborate with leading players such as SQLI in order to bring the power of real-time knowledge to the French market. This relationship highlights the commitment of both New Relic and SQLI to helping their clients improve the performance of their digital actions," states Bruno Teuber, Vice-Chairman of Alliances & Channels EMEA at New Relic.