SQLI reaffirms its commitment to developing employee skills

A commitment recognised by Coorpacademy

SQLI is ever more committed to the upskilling of its employees. Its proactivity is demonstrated by the trophy awarded by Coorpacademy, specialist in e-learning for businesses, to reward the company offering the greatest variety of content on its training platform in 2020.

An extensive training programme thanks to 100%-SQLI courses

One of the actions taken by SQLI to increase its employees’ skills was to roll out the e-learning platform provided by Coorpacademy. Named ONE Genius, the platform provides an extensive training programme centred around two wide subject areas: project management and managing a team. With the possibility of integrating content created by its own dedicated teams in combination with videos from Coorpacademy’s library, SQLI offers tailor-made courses fully adapted to the exact nature of its work.

It’s the variety provided to its employees in its 35 offices in France and abroad that Coorpacademy wanted to acknowledge through the ‘Bespoke Content Creation’ trophy.


Guiding practices during lockdown

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis, the HR teams have been taking advantage of ONE Genius, designing a training course focused on remote working. Content on topics including effective remote communication, leading virtual meetings or averting psychological and social risks, guided managerial practices to ensure good work continuity and employee well-being. 


The first digital escape game during EDEW 2020

With diversity and equal opportunity written into its DNA, SQLI continues to raise awareness among all employees around the topic of disability. Having organised a Mario Kart tournament, renamed Handi Kart, during EDEW 2019 (European Disability Employment Week), SQLI added an extra dimension to its e-learning platform for the 2020 event. To highlight invisible disabilities in the workplace, such as dyslexia, the HR teams launched their first digital escape game, which immerses players in parallel worlds where medical conditions and disabilities are the norm. This groundbreaking initiative was commended by Coorpacademy.