SQLI assisted Carrefour Assurance with its omnichannel commerce strategy

From web to store, Carrefour Assurance and SQLI focus on the start of the school year

A subsidiary of the Carrefour group, Carrefour Assurance is an insurance product retailer and aggregator. In order to keep pace with changing consumption modes, the brand has set itself the goal of creating an omnichannel journey for its customers. SQLI is involved at the core of this strategy, with the setting up of a digital system that meets the insurer's main objectives: to position itself as a leading provider of insurance linked to goods and services, capture new traffic and shake up uses with an innovative concept: "Store to Web Insurance. " 

An omnichannel experience boosting up-selling

In 2017, Carrefour Assurance sold its products through branches, over the telephone or via comparison tools. In order to strengthen its positioning on the market and offer its customers a complete experience, Carrefour Assurance wanted to equip itself with its own website and rethink its paths to purchase. 

SQLI built a website that reflects the insurer's image and included a school customer space. SQLI's teams also developed white label paths to purchase for the various insurance products (home, vehicle, mobile devices, school, cat and dog).

Particular attention was paid to the user experience, in order to make the journeys smooth and efficient. By combining the PaaS Platform.sh and the CMS eZ Platform, SQLI's teams provided Carrefour Assurance with an extendable and modular solution, which can evolve as new insurance products are created. In order to ensure its stability, particularly during periods of high demand, such as the beginning of the school year, an application-based monitoring system – New Relic – was set up. Furthermore, the platform was adapted for tablets, in order to meet the various uses of in-store sales staff.

These new digital tools enable the insurer to link together the web and footfall in Carrefour stores. Building on the Group's network, Carrefour Assurance launched self-service insurance in its departments and is focussing on up-selling. Along with their school supplies, customers can now purchase a subscription card for insurance linked to the product. They then continue their path to purchase by activating the card online.

The new system spearheading the back to school period

Launched in June 2018, the new website now brings in the majority of insurance purchases, while the store-to-web strategy, introduced for the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, boosted subscription card sales, more than 80% of which were activated online. School insurance sales therefore increased by 65% in 2018. Today, 90% of school insurance policies are taken out via journeys that integrate one or more physical and digital touchpoints.

To prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, Carrefour Assurance joined forces with the Fédération des Parents d’Élèves de l’Enseignement Public (PEEP) in order to make its school and extra-curricular insurance offering available on a dedicated website.

The results have been excellent, while the foundation built by SQLI is opening up new opportunities for Carrefour Assurance: on the one hand, it can move forward faster with insurance linked to goods and services by deploying new products, such as travel insurance; on the other, it is able to provide a turnkey solution to its insurer and retailer partners. Based on SQLI's solution, they can personalize their forms and create their own journeys, thereby opening up new business prospects. 

Discover the website:  https://assurance.carrefour.fr/