The Ducray website gets a makeover

A platform developed by SQLI to support the brand's strategy

Last September, Ducray revealed its new brand identity on both points of sale materials and in the press: it's now its website’s turn. With this platform produced by SQLI, Ducray wants to offer a new brand experience to its consumers via a digital solution. The challenges are clear: promoting Ducray's new image, developing brand awareness, and increasing its customer engagement.

A website in line with the brand's new image 

Ducray, emblematic subsidiary of the Pierre Fabre group, is a specialist in dermatological innovation with more than 65 skin-, scalp- and haircare products. The brand has existed for more than 85 years but is still not well-known by consumers: product awareness is actually higher. Against this backdrop, Ducray revealed its new brand marketing with the slogan "Les soins qui changent votre quotidien" (i.e. Care products that change your daily life) as well as a new look via a redesigned logo and packaging in September 2017. To support this campaign, the dermatological laboratory wanted to overhaul its website. It has several aims:

  • Develop brand awareness with an SEO strategy
  • Redesign the customer pathway and add new features (menu structure, care routine, advice directly in product pathway) to offer internet users a better experience
  • Know more about its customers to better meet their expectations

Following an invitation to tender at the end of 2016, SQLI Toulouse was chosen by Ducray to support the setup of this new digital solution based on its confirmed experience in the paramedical sector and its UX and Drupal technological expertise. SQLI's Toulouse agency had also already worked on many large-scale projects with this solution for other Pierre Fabre group brands.

Offering a new experience to its customers

The site was totally redesigned to offer the best possible customer experience: from home page to navigation, as well as search engine. In terms of technology, SQLI's teams developed a responsive and multilingual site (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, English and Russian), based on the Drupal CMS. Focus was particularly placed on the user pathway to help them with their beauty choices and routines. For internal teams, the back office was designed to facilitate contributions in all languages.Ducray always endeavours to meet its customers' expectations and plans to add new services and features in the course of 2018 and 2019 to better inform consumers on a daily basis, such as:

  • A system of filters for products
  • Care routines proposed for all product pages with the option for internet users to save their favourite programme in their customer space
  • Excerpts from consumer questions/answers in product data sheets (FAQ)

To make the consumer pathway even more immersive and contextual, beauty and care advice will also be directly included in the "Your needs" pages in 2019.With this new platform, Ducray dermatological laboratories hopes to generate more visits, but also increase:

  • Time spent on the site
  • Subscriptions to newsletters
  • Creation of customer spaces
  • Positive reviews posted by consumers

"2017 was a crucial period for Ducray with the roll-out of our new brand platform. Against this backdrop, SQLI's work and support on our website were very important for us because SQLI was proactive from A to Z on the project: from UX design to technical development and integration on the site. This allowed us to effectively redesign the user pathway and add new features dedicated to our visitors and consumers. With, we are proud today to be able to offer our customers a site better meeting their expectations and needs", concludes Ludivine Lemarchand, Ducray Marketing and Development Manager.