Digitizing and simplifying the work of Generali France staff and brokers

SQLI selected to produce the Generali Verif mobile app

Following the Customer Space on the Generali.fr website and the Génération Responsable website, Generali France once again places its trust in SQLI for a new project. SQLI is producing the 'Generali Vérif' app designed for distribution network risk inspections. The aim for the insurer is to have a business app that meets the digitization and mobility needs of users, while combining performance, fluidity and flexibility.

Meeting the needs of professional users

In order to boost business growth in the corporate market, Generali France is looking to redesign the risk inspection mobile app used by its staff, brokers and inspectors. These inspections are performed when an insurance policy is prepared in order to assess protection and prevention measures implemented by companies to address risks related to their business activities.

Named 'Generali Vérif', the application will simplify the work of brokers and administrators who process reports, while improving their performance by making it possible to automatically send information gathered during the risk inspection to other departments. The digitization of questionnaires and reports will do away with the need for paperwork for users in the field, freeing them up to perform inspection work.

Generali Vérif gives its users an enhanced experience, which fully meets the logistical requirements of risk inspections. The main functions of the app include:

  • Smooth gathering of risk data in online or offline mode;
  • Generation of complete reports, containing the photographs and comments required for risk assessment;
  • Sending the result of the risk inspection to the subscription department with a single touch;
  • Storage of report copies to improve client follow-up.

The app will be available for tablets and on all operating systems (iOS, Windows and Android) to cover all user segments.

« This new application is totally in line with the development of new digital services that will be deployed as part of our Excellence 2022 corporate project. Generali Vérif will enable us to speed up the processing of operations and increase our responsiveness with regard to our brokers and, as a result, our corporate clients », stresses Régis Lemarchand, Member of the Executive Committee in charge of the Professional and Corporate Market Departments.

Dual expertise: UX and technology

Satisfied with previously completed projects (Generali.fr customer space and redesign of the 'Génération Responsable' website), as well as with its ability to design, build and rapidly deploy mobile apps on all operating systems, Generali France selected the IT consultancy Group to provide assistance with this project.

« We would like to rely on a privileged partner to set up a "mobile" feature team in charge of application development, working in close cooperation with our in-house teams. SQLI's UX expertise and mastery of agile methods made all the difference, » explains Sébastien Villeneuve, Mobile Development Manager at Generali France.

Following an initial joint technical design phase with Generali France, SQLI is developing the application using the Hybride Ionic solution. More generally speaking, SQLI's teams are assisting Generali with all aspects of its digital system, such as consultancy, creation, development based on the Hybride Ionic solution and agile management.

True team proximity

« We wanted to produce a business solution that is made to measure and perfectly suited to the habits of our users. In order to achieve this, our teams worked hand-in-hand with those of SQLI. The presence of SQLI's teams on our premises strengthens our cooperation thanks to improved agility. We have more than just a client-service provider relationship: we have now established a relationship of trust », states Minh Tran Ngoc, Product Owner at Generali France.

Development of the application is underway and production is set to begin during May. Initial demos of the app have been met with considerable success among our business teams, which gives Generali France reason to be very optimistic about the speed with which the tool will be taken on board by users.

« Everything has been designed to make the application easy to use, because we really want to meet the mobility needs of our brokers. Providing them with the same level of service and responsiveness that they enjoy in their day-to-day lives is essential; this is why the user experience must be as effective as possible. If the application meets with the expected success, we could adapt it for other business uses, as the mobility and digitization of our processes will enable us to further improve our performance », concludes Sébastien Villeneuve.