Digital at the core of Siblu strategy

SQLI develops the connected experience of holliday village operator Siblu.

Siblu entrusted SQLI with the creation of a mobile application designed for campers, as well as the overhaul of its website These provided customers with a new digital experience, which is part of the group's digital transformation strategy. Siblu is aiming to deploy modern digital tools to boost its sales.

New digital ambitions

With more than 35 years of experience, the siblu group sets the standard on the outdoor accommodation market. The brand currently operates 17 high-end holiday villages along France's entire coastline. The siblu concept is based on two main service offerings: the operation of holiday villages for mobile-home owner-residents or holidaymakers, on the one hand, and the marketing and management of residential mobile homes on the other.

Siblu wanted to group together its two customer types (mobile-home owners and holidaymakers) on a single site in order to optimise administration of its digital system.

The new website meets several challenges:

  • convey a more modern image with updated design and ergonomics;
  • enable compatibility with all devices;
  • simplify the back office.

Nathalie Olivier, siblu's Digital Marketing Director stated that: "SQLI had already demonstrated its expertise with previous assignments, which we were very satisfied with. Also, SQLI was located in our region and proximity was essential for us as we wanted to facilitate communication as much as possible. This is why we naturally decided to work with SQLI again. The technical team was responsive and determined from the outset, all the way through to completion of the project. Our new portal is a huge business asset. We want to make the most of the influx of visitors to our holiday website in order to promote our mobile-home services, which were previously much less visible. "

A two-in-one website and an innovative mobile application

On the basis of the Drupal solution, SQLI performed the development, integration, ergonomics and design of the platform. The streamlined design leaves more room for images and immerses Internet users in siblu's world.

The website was created in such a way that new functions and design features can be added in the future. It was made using responsive design. In order to meet siblu's commercial challenges, the website feeds data directly to its CRM tool thanks to a system interfaced with web service solutions.

In addition to its new modern and ergonomic design, the portal enables customers to:

  • easily find information via a search engine that can be configured by users themselves;
  • access information on the latest purchase and rental offerings in real time and directly make online reservations.

It makes it possible for siblu to:

  • generate publications simultaneously with Facebook and create cross-channel online interactions;
  • perform product and service updates more easily from the back office, with the possibility of generating flash deals.

This summer, SQLI also developed a mobile application for the digitisation of siblu's Fun Pass. The Fun Pass provides access to all activities and services offered by the holiday village. To save time and avoid going to the reception, SQLI developed a mobile Fun Pass application with the capacity to integrate future evolutions. It is intuitive and also reduces costs related to the printing of passes.

This application is the first brick in siblu's digital experience. The group is already looking at other functions to make life easier for its customers on holiday, such as a social network for mobile-home owners.

Nathalie Olivier explains: "We began with a real customer need. With the application, customers have their Fun Pass on their telephones, wherever they go. We are very proud as the application was downloaded 600 times at the beginning of the holidays in a single week! Our customers seem to be very pleased with the application and have taken it on board very rapidly, thanks to its ease-of-use and ergonomics.Regarding our new website, we are happy with the result both in terms of the new graphic interface and the technical side; we hope it will enable us to generate more traffic and sales. "