Loyalty: turn your customer into a partner

Picture the scene: it's Monday 2 January at 6 p.m. and the Board meeting has just ended. Everybody shakes hands, looking drained, not from the alcohol fumes still hanging in the air from their full-on New Year celebrations, but rather their epic 6-hour meeting with shareholders. The Chairman pops his head round your office door to warn you: "You've got a year to double your turnover and your budget's being slashed by 80%. We're counting on you to do it... Happy New Year!"  Time to panic? No way! There's just one single solution: DEVELOPING LOYALTY. 


Developing loyalty: it this mutually beneficial? 

I started out 8 years ago with this question: is loyalty measured in points? Even today, many brands ask you to be loyal in return for a stamp, a gift, a smile, miles, and even cash (you pay but I'll give you a little back – what generosity)!  How about at home? Are you faithful to your partner because you emptied the dishwasher 3 times this week while he/she did it twice? Or because you want what's best for them? I think it's nonsense.   So I set up the company based on one firm belief: customers are partners, not a mine to be exploited. So let's look after them. 


Work on your image   

First of all, before developing your customer's loyalty, have you considered that they could be your colleague? Or your supplier?   As Winston Churchill said: "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on." You can also apply this saying to your reputation. Do I project a good image of my company and my products? Because if so, the road will be long before you win the confidence of your end clients. So leave no stone unturned. 


Work on your promises

Every day I shall win your heart Make you smile Take care of you Bring you breakfast in bed (off topic, but if you're reading this, Fred... !V) Fight to make our love last Respect you every day Listen to you and help you, no matter when Be there at any time.  Still not convinced?   Here's a riddle for you: How do you like those apples? Would you be willing to queue outside a store at 5 a.m. just to be sure to get your hands on their latest product? The answer is in the question.  There are 3 promises behind Apple's success: InnovationDesign and Simplicity 


Loyal development strategy:

Once this has been done, you can put in place the four pillars of a loyalty development strategy: - Knowledge - Recognition - Reward - Coordination  It might look simple from here but, fortunately, it's trickier than that. Yes, really! That's a good thing, as otherwise I'd already be down at the Job Centre looking for a career change. Need a hand? Call us