Five major changes to expect when you invest in a DXP

A digital experience platform (DXP) is a set of technologies that delivers consistent, secure and personalised content and services to different target audiences across multiple communication channels.

This growing category of enterprise software solutions allows you to manage websites, portals or mobile apps and then integrate them with a wide range of systems within your organisation, in order to deliver enhanced digital experiences managed from a single platform. A DXP has numerous advantages for users, technology teams and everyone else involved in digital transformation. From a business perspective, we believe a DXP offers you five major benefits:

Better collaboration

Companies that manage projects in silos incur extra costs. For example, an organisation may have several departments managing content. Thanks to a DXP, you can break down silos, centralise content production and enable everyone to work together in a more consistent manner.

Greater customer engagement

By bringing together everything you need to know about your customers into one centralised dashboard, you can now make business decisions that are more likely to work. This 360-degree view helps you to keep your customers happy, retain them and build loyalty.

Optimised business processes

Using a DXP means you spend less time on repetitive tasks, such as bringing together different sources of information to send to your employees, thanks to a centralised content repository. This leaves you with more time to tackle topics that are more specific and strategic for your business.

Higher return on investment

A DXP is an opportunity to invest in a scalable way, enabling you to improve user experience and optimise spending. As a result, your organisation can provide a five star service for the price of a three star service.

Faster growth

Investing in a DXP enables you to leverage user experience for growth. By delivering a better digital experience than competitors, you are in a stronger position and able to gain access to new markets quickly.

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