SQLI helps SCOTT SPORTS design its digital strategy

SCOTT Sports, one of the world's leading makers of high-performance outdoor sports equipment, is speeding up and future-proofing its business operations. SQLI's broad knowledge enables it to strengthen its e-Commerce on SAP Commerce, which is more important than ever, and confidently look to the future.


SQLI Shares its SAP commerce expertise with the equipment manufacturer


Digital technology is a true tool for long-term growth 

SCOTT Sports' sales model is a hybrid of B2B and B2C. The equipment maker mostly relies on a global network of distributors and central purchasing units to place fresh orders, which can be done through sales people or through a B2B ordering platform. Customers can visit a network store or order online through the SCOTT Sports e-Commerce site. 

B2B sales grew in 2020, despite the closure of outlets in numerous countries. B2C sales are becoming more important elsewhere, with growth more than doubling, owing primarily to e-Commerce, which was only moderately affected by the pandemic. This was made possible by SQLI's assistance, which has been assisting the equipment maker in digitizing its operations for some years. 

Main stages of digitization managed with SQLI 

The SCOTT Sports teams intended to turn their B2C virtual storefront into an e-Commerce site while keeping the SAP Commerce system in place to: 

  • Interconnect current tools, such as SAP ERP, to make it easier. 
  • Connect all distribution network stores to a single platform that integrates different brands. 
  • Customer relationship management should be centralized. 
  • Set up a click-and-collect tool to drive in-store traffic and allow suppliers to demonstrate highly technical products (such as avalanche kits and cycling and ski equipment) 

This move allows the equipment maker to commercialize approximately 75,000 different goods, with availability apparent in real time, thanks to SQLI's multidisciplinary workforce. Stocks are reported to the e-commerce site through the ERP's sync capability. 

Ordinateur portable


In addition, SQLI assisted in the upgrade of the tablet app used by sales reps to take B2B orders. Initially built with Cordova, it was stabilized to ensure a successful connection to SAP for flow management. 

“SQLI has a highly skilled team in terms of both technology and consulting,” says Joel Conus, SCOTT Sports Web Development Manager. Over the years, the complementing know-how of its teams (consulting in Switzerland, SAP Commerce in Morocco, and mobile expertise in Lyon) has proven to be a significant benefit." 

Preparing for the future with a trusted partner 

SCOTT Sports' teams want to accelerate B2C commerce, which was recently introduced in the United States, and integrate brands it has acquired in 2021 and the future years. Simultaneously, they plan to strengthen the B2B component by improving services like sales support and offering both distributors and central purchasing units with 24/7 automated, open access to the data they require.

"We decided with SQLI to go with the Spartacus storefront, a SAP headless solution," says Reto Aeschbacher, SCOTT Sports Marketing Manager. SQLI will also assist us in streamlining our operations to improve efficiency and speed, ensuring continued sales development. SQLI is, without a doubt, our long-term digital strategy partner."