Shaping the Digital Strategy

SCOTT Sports, one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance outdoor sports equipment, is accelerating and future-proofing the digitization of its business activities. It can count on SQLI, whose multidisciplinary expertise enables it to reinforce its e-Commerce on SAP Commerce, which is more essential than ever, and look to the future with confidence.


SQLI Shares its SAP commerce expertise with the equipment manufacturer


Digital technology, a genuine sustainable growth tool 

SCOTT Sports’ sales model combines B2B and B2C approaches. The equipment manufacturer mainly relies on a global network of distributors and central purchasing units that can place new orders via either sales reps or the B2B ordering platform. Consumers can head into a network store or to the SCOTT Sports e-Commerce site. 

Despite the closure of stores in many countries, B2B sales still progressed in 2020. Elsewhere, B2C sales are becoming increasingly important, with growth more than doubling, mainly due to e-Commerce, a channel that was only marginally affected by the pandemic. This was possible thanks to the support provided by SQLI, which has been helping the equipment manufacturer with digitizing its business for several years.

Main stages of digitization managed with SQLI 

SCOTT Sports’ teams wanted to convert their B2C virtual storefront into an e-Commerce site, but keep the SAP Commerce solution to: 

  • Facilitate interconnection with existing tools such as SAP ERP 
  • Integrate multiple brands on a single platform to which all distribution network stores are connected 
  • Centralize customer relations management 
  • Set up a click-&-collect feature to generate in-store traffic and provide demonstrations of highly technical products by vendors (such as avalanche kits and cycling and ski equipment) 

With SQLI’s multidisciplinary team, this switch sees the equipment manufacturer currently commercialize nearly 75,000 individual products, with availability visible in real time. The ERP’s sync feature reports stocks to the e-commerce site. 

Ordinateur portable


SQLI has also been involved in upgrading the tablet app used by sales reps to take B2B orders. Initially developed using Cordova, it was stabilized to guarantee its successful connection to SAP to manage flows. 

Joel Conus, SCOTT Sports Web Development Manager, says: “SQLI has a highly-skilled team in terms of both technology and consulting. The complementary know-how of its teams (Switzerland for consulting, Morocco for its SAP Commerce skills, and Lyon for its mobile expertise) has proved a real asset over the years.” 

Preparing for the future with a trusted partner 

For 2021 and the coming years, SCOTT Sports’ teams plan to accelerate B2C commerce, recently deployed in the U.S., and integrate brands it has acquired. In parallel, they count on further reinforcing the B2B component by optimizing their services such as sales assistance and providing both distributors and central purchasing units with 24/7 automated, open access to the information they need. 

Reto Aeschbacher, SCOTT Sports Marketing Manager, concludes: “We decided with SQLI to opt for the Spartacus storefront, an SAP headless technology. SQLI is also going to help us to optimize our processes to increase efficiency and speed, guaranteeing our sales growth. I can definitively say that SQLI is our long-term digital strategy partner." 

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