A website factory to accelerate business in more than 100 countries

In order to increase awareness of its B2B and B2C brands, and speed up lead generation, Legrand wanted to equip its APMEASA (Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, South America) zone with a site factory. Along with Acquia, SQLI was selected to carry out this mission.


The Legrand group, which specialises in electrical and digital building infrastructures, is the leader in its market. Present in 180 countries under several brands, Legrand distributes more than 300,000 references.

The APMEASA zone (Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, South America) covers more than 40 subsidiaries, presenting a heterogeneous galaxy of websites. In an effort to strengthen the reputation of B2B and B2C brands in this region and accelerate lead generation, Legrand has chosen to set up a site-to-site factory.

The challenge: to provide subsidiaries with a turnkey solution enabling them to manage content according to local constraints and issues, while centralising and securing the technological base.


A solution to focus on content production and marketing actions

SQLI proposed the Acquia Site Factory platform from the publisher Acquia to the Legrand teams. This solution, an overlay on the Drupal CMS, offers an excellent level of security and allows the creation of the master used as a basis for the production of sites, and the sharing of content between subsidiaries using the same language.

Local resources are thus relieved of technical management, concentrating on content production and marketing actions to engage customers and prospects.

In addition to its mastery of Drupal and Acquia technologies, SQLI offered support in marketing strategy and change management.


The Web Factory offers many advantages: sharing of content between subsidiaries, common marketing messages and presentation of the Group, simultaneous availability of functional innovations to all subsidiaries, and increased security of the IT base thanks to an additional layer.

In addition, in the longer term, it will enable the onboarding of new brands and other subsidiaries, as well as the integration of new value-added services.


“We are enthusiastic about this major project, which has raised great expectations within the group and its subsidiaries.“

Juan Moreno-Alamo, APMEASA business development and marketing director