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Context and challenges

Legrand, a company that specializes in electrical and digital building infrastructures, is the industry leader. Legrand sells over 300,000 references in 180 countries under various trademarks.

The APMEASA zone (Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and South America) encompasses over 40 subsidiaries, offering a diverse range of websites. Legrand has chosen to set up a site-to-site factory in order to strengthen the reputation of B2B and B2C brands in this region and accelerate lead generation.

The goal: to offer subsidiaries with a turnkey solution that allows them to manage material based on local limits and difficulties while also centralizing and safeguarding the technology foundation.


The Acquia Site Factory platform from the publisher Acquia was proposed to the Legrand teams by SQLI. This solution, which is based on the Drupal CMS, provides a high level of security and allows the establishment of a master that can be used as a foundation for site production as well as content exchange between subsidiaries that use the same language.

As a result, local resources are freed from technical management and may focus on content creation and marketing activities to engage consumers and prospects.

SQLI provided marketing strategy and change management support in addition to its Drupal and Acquia expertise.


The Web Factory has a number of benefits, including content sharing between subsidiaries, unified marketing messages and presentation of the Group, simultaneous availability of functional improvements to all subsidiaries, and better security of the IT infrastructure owing to an additional layer.

In the long run, it will also allow for the integration of new value-added services as well as the onboarding of new brands and subsidiaries.


“We are enthusiastic about this major project, which has raised great expectations within the group and its subsidiaries.“

Juan Moreno-Alamo, APMEASA business development and marketing director

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