Business Application Integration

Today, business processes demand that more information is shared across many tasks and many applications. With massive data growth and multiple disconnected systems, seamless and efficient integration has become very important and a critical topic. The right integration approach can greatly increase productivity with reduced manual intervention & IT resources and help scale your business for future growth.

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Build your future-oriented IT landscape

Our team of dedicated consultants assist you with the creation and implementation of the right integration strategy for building a stable future-oriented IT landscape. We do this by:

  • Simplifying processes: By implementing our Intelligent Integration approach, you can simplify your integration processes and seamlessly integrate your SAP and non-SAP data sources.


  • Team of dedicated professionals: With many years of practical experience, we have gathered unique knowledge, together with SAP, and can leverage this knowledge to build a sustainable foundation for the future of your organization.

Our approach

Integration support

Our system integration expertise division offers end-to-end support that spans across 5 phases: Analysis, Development, Acceptance, Go-live and Support.

More details about each phase:

1) Analysis: Workshop/Research, Technical Specification, Review/Validation & Prepare & Prioritize product backlog

2) Development: Customizing, Coding, Unit Testing & Sprint Demo

3) Acceptance: Preparation, Integration Testing, Correction/Rework & Validation

4) Go-Live: Preparation, Go-Live & Roll Out

5) Support: Preparation, Post Go-Live Support & Hand-Over

Thanks to these phases SQLI can screen your business data and develop integrations that are perfect for your enterprise and work with your existing systems; your supply chain, internal workflows, ERP systems, etc. Together with you, a service-oriented architecture will be developed according to your needs and business processes.

To this end, SQLI uses a tried-and-tested methodology to work with clients remotely, while providing a large pool of experienced and certified experts, including integration architects, SAP Commerce, Marketing, SAP CRM & ERP techno-functional experts, SCPI & PI/XI/PO experts & MDM experts.

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