Revamping UX and back office for Acasus

We did it! As one of the web development contenders for Acasus' pitch to build their new corporate website we delivered a user-friendly front- and back-end with a performing Drupal CMS, unbeatable UX and UI design, and a time-saving backoffice flow. We left no stone unturned in creating an exceptional website that Acasus and their clients will absolutely love. Let's dive in!

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Acasus is the knowledge base for sustainable living, building and renovations in the province of West Flanders. Their goal? To inspire, advise and support both individuals, professionals, educational institutions and public authorities. In addition, it is also important to inform people about the newest innovations in the world of sustainable living and building, or to offer them tips and tricks when they want construction advice. 

Having a user-friendly website with a nice ux design is crucial to ensure that visitors can easily find these innovations or request buttons, no matter what device they're using. For Acasus, this meant creating a new website that would simplify and digitize various processes for the user and their advisors. With the system of these processes in place, advisors can easily follow up on all requests and make certain that everything was thoroughly monitored and managed. Ultimately, this new website and back office system will provide Acasus with a more efficient and streamlined approach to their work, while also providing an enhanced experience for their clients. A win for all parties! 

First things first: look & feel

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To guarantee that the website design was consistent with Acasus' corporate identity, we undertook a revamp of their digital visual identity. This way, every interaction with Acasus was clear and consistent, reflecting their brand image. As part of this branding strategy, we modernized their logo in three key areas: 

  • We adapted the icon by using a brighter orange color to create a more impactful and dynamic look
  • The color of the word 'Acasus' was made dark brown, which created a greater contrast with the orange icon. 
  • We removed the shadow from the logo to give it a more contemporary feel

Overall, these changes to the logo helped to create a modern and consistent brand image for Acasus across all digital channels, including their new website. 

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Back office flow at your service

Acasus' clients can easily request construction advice through the new website by simply filling out a form. To ensure an efficient and streamlined process, we developed a performant back-office flow that makes it easier for Acasus to follow up on these requests. 

The system automatically refers the advice files to advisors based on postal codes, enabling them to quickly make appointments with clients to address their concerns. Additionally, the back office also simplifies the process of sending reminders and survey emails, as well as scheduling appointments with automatic email notifications to the customers. After the appointment the advisor can create a report and upload it. The system then automatically sends the report to the client, indicating that the project is complete.  

For simpler queries, the Acasus form can be linked to an advice desk, where the applicant is contacted by mail or phone, and the status will be fixed afterwards. 

Finally, to minimize accounting work for Acasus, customer invoices are generated based on postal codes, making the process simpler and more efficient.  

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Dashboard as ultimate sidekick 

Keeping track of a lot of requests can be overwhelming, but we've got just the solution! One of the clearest ways to stay on top of everything is setting up dashboards for advisors in the back-end. These dashboards are a tool that let them see all their requests in one place at a glance. 

With all the relevant project information right at their fingertips, advisors can easily access project details, monitor progress, and respond to client requests. Plus, the dashboards provide real-time updates on the status of the project, so advisors can be sure that everything is running smoothly. 

Acasus is now fully equipped and ready to take on West Flanders’ sustainable building and living with their new and improved website. They have all the tools they need to make their clients' lives easier and their projects run smoothly. But our work doesn't stop here.  

We offer full-service maintenance to make sure that Acasus is always up-to-date with the latest technology and ahead of the curve. With our support, they can focus on what they do best - providing top-notch construction advice. 

“We were looking for a way to spread a clear message and to automate as many administrative actions as possible. In this way we hope to better inform website visitors and encourage them to take action. With the help of SQLI, this goal has already been achieved!”

Julie De Blaere

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