A platform to support your Digital Marketing & Sales?

Want to get more out of your data, to better support your content, generate more leads, reach more customers, and increase sales? Nowadays autonomous platforms exist to help you. B2B or B2C? SQLI offers solutions via Marketing automation and CRM platforms and supports you during every stage. Results will be seen in your customer base, sales and your revenue since the platforms are all about collecting and tracking metrics to optimize your efforts, spending and results. Get ready to welcome a new autonomous assistant for your daily activities!

Why go for Marketing Automation? 

Omnichannel Communication 

With today’s means, you wouldn’t want to limit yourself to engage with your future and present customers on one channel. You can address your customers via mail and even if they don’t answer there are several ways to reach them: social media, confirmation SMS, calls... We hear you thinking: “That’s a lot of actions to coordinate, and decisions to make.” That’s where marketing automation comes in; a dedicated platform that acts as a single-point solution is always welcome in your arsenal of digital solutions. It even provides you with the tools to: 

  • design customer journeys 

  • quickly launch campaigns on different channels 

  • use pre-defined scenarios to engage more with audiences 

Customer Data & Enrichment 

Customer data is key. Start by offering your audience multiple possibilities to interact with your brand to have different sources of customer data. Connect them together to gain a better insight into your customers and get to really know them. With a Marketing Automation solution, you will integrate your different customer data sources and have a single customer-related database that enriches automatically with all the interactions you have with your customers.  

Audience Generation 

When data is not centralized you have to deal with multiple sources of data and determine which one is more recent. A dedicated marketing automation platform has a lot of advantages: 

  • Up-to-date customer data 

  • Direct focus on generating living audiences with convenient tools 

  • Generated audiences and data that is uniquely yours 

  • Automatic adaptation based on marketing permission preferences 

  • GDPR-compliant all the time 


Automated Campaign Orchestration 

It quickly becomes a complex task to maintain and run digital campaigns; even more so when the result of one campaign will define the next one. Don’t wait any longer to achieve marketing funnel optimization with a little help of a marketing automation solution. This will allow you to see all your running campaigns and their live results in a single place, and link them together to automate actions and exploit your marketing funnel. 


Campaigns Results Optimization 

One part of the focus always goes to the metrics of a campaign; to measure the effectiveness in producing results like generating leads or converting them. A marketing automation platform provides you with the analytical tools to stay in your single marketing solution and aggregate all the analytical information displayed in a convenient way. It will provide you the needed guidance to understand: 

  • the behavior of a customer base 

  • the benefits of one or multiple running campaigns 

  • the effectiveness of your marketing funnel 

And even gives you insights or automatic recommendations to launch your next activities.  

What our CRM solutions can help you to achieve? 

A CRM solution can provide your sales team with the necessary tools to support their daily activities and to plan and execute sales. The main difference is that CRM offers a wide range of skills to support your sales on their Lead to Order flow whereas the marketing automation has a big focus on audiences, content and digital campaigns. 

Organize Daily Sales Activities 

CRM tools provide the sales team with necessary tools, starting with access to:  

  • a calendar with their sales visits, to-do lists, indicators to the situation of their targets 

  • A customer database to explore notes from past events, documents, visits to prepare the pitch 

  • notifications from colleagues to know what to focus on and the specific topics 


Sales Planification and Management 

A CRM system provides tools and access to product data to plan the sales targets. When the salesperson knows their sales targets, the CRM system allows to register leads, follow them up, initiate a sale with quotation capabilities, and generate orders that can transit to the ERP. The users are also provided with tools to master their sales funnel and to determine if at a specific moment, they should focus on generating new businesses or supporting running ones. 

Spot Sales opportunities 

The CRM solutions provide a set of analytical capabilities to aggregate Customer/Sales related data, and to exploit it within a wide range of reporting capabilities. That way, your sales team and managers have a range of KPIs, reports, charts... that get updated automatically and are able to oversee the ongoing activities. The idea of analytics based on CRM data is also to spot trends on activities and sales and get the ability to generate new opportunities with the support of a system. 

What SQLI can do for you as Marketing Automation and CRM solutions integrator? 

With over 20 years of experience in the wide CRM area, SQLI is able to implement marketing automation and CRM systems for you. We can implement a platform from scratch, integrate it within your digital ecosystem and enable its usage with a set of existing Business Scenarios that will fit your needs. 

Time or budget considerations?  

We can go for our prepackaged solution to earn time in the design and customization of the platform. Thanks to already existing materials produced by SQLI we quickly customize a solution for already defined Business Scenarios. 

Specific needs that require further analysis, customization, development, or integration? Our experts can support you with our dedicated methodologies to address your specific cases in order to provide a tailormade solution. 


Get in touch with us! 

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