As a world leader in computing technology, Microsoft®’s mission is to put innovation and technology at people’s service.

Microsoft® relies on an active network of partners, associations, and start-ups to help companies and individuals make the most of IT to realize their ambitions. Microsoft®’s desire is to have a positive, sustainable impact on society through projects for organisations working in the fields of culture, healthcare, education and humanitarian aid.

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SQLI, MICROSOFT® Solution Partner


SQLI and Microsoft® have been working together for more than 20 years to accompany and accelerate companies’ digital transformation.


As a Microsoft® Solution Partner, we complete up to 75 Microsoft® projects per year with the support of 300 experts, including 250 certifications. Our teams create, develop and roll out management tools, collaborative workspaces, BI solutions and bespoke systems.


SQLI is certified Solution Partner for its skills in implementing Cloud services (Cloud Platform), Office 365 solutions (Cloud Productivity), collaborative tools (Collaboration and Content), Cloud application (Application Development), decisional analysis and Dataviz (Data Analytics). Our integration capabilities cover the three Microsoft® Cloud solutions: Azure, Dynamics 365 and Office 365.


Our SQLI Institut training centre is also Microsoft®-certified. We participate in multiple projects such as the Microsoft® Share AI, Microsoft® for Students and the Microsoft® Training Days programmes.

  • 300 Microsoft experts
  • 75 Project completed per year
  • 250 Certifications (including Azure)
  • 20 years of partnership

Why choose Microsoft®?

Gartner, Inc. has named Microsoft® as a leader in the 2020 “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems Platforms”.

Microsoft® Azure

Used by more than 95% of Fortune 500 companies, the Microsoft® Azure Cloud solution offers companies a technological base that is open, flexible and reliable.

Azure is highly secure and has more than 90 certifications of specific (to a sector, region or country) or global compliance. Microsoft® is also HDS (Hébergeur des Données de Santé – health data host) certified, allowing it to host personal health data.

Its ability to handle all languages and infrastructures and its open-source orientation make Azure highly scalable. Organisations that have chosen an Azure Cloud base can modify the application system to fit their needs and open up to innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, mixed reality and data and analytics features.

Microsoft® 365

Microsoft® 365 is a Cloud-based platform of collaborative and work tools. With various collaborative or individual productivity tools (such as Office 365, Teams and Sharepoint), Microsoft® 365 allows employees to access their work tools in a smooth, unified way.

At a time when remote working has overtaken more conventional work environments, it is essential that employees have a “virtual office” that is available from anywhere on any device. Furthermore, Teams gives teams a secure hub where they can share and exchange resources.

The artificial intelligence embedded into Microsoft® 365 tools helps users save time in their everyday tasks and access resources more easily.

Finally, by combining Office 365 with Power Platform, you can customise your employees’ journeys and applications and simplify the most time-consuming tasks.

Share AI programme

Share AI is a skills sponsorship programme that Microsoft® created in 2019. Its objective: have artificial intelligence serve start-ups, associations and companies who are working for a better, more sustainable and inclusive world. SQLI took part in its second edition in 2020 in support of four associations and companies.

We supported the start-up Crocos Go Digital, specialised in detecting “dys” troubles in children by combining neuropsychological tests with Artificial Intelligence. Our experts also helped the social business Social Builder to make the Adabot interactive assistant, which guides women in changing careers, “more intelligent”. The refugee aid charity La Cimade used our know-how to improve the platform that volunteers use. Finally, the association Le Cercle, which works for LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace, created an “HR cockpit” to steer the levels of risks related to the LGBT+ population.

SQLI Institute certification courses

SQLI and Microsoft® are working to expand cloud computing skills on the French market. SQLI Institut has designed a certification course programme dedicated to cloud computing and Microsoft® Azure. The certified trainers’ teaching approach is suited to companies of all sizes and in all sectors.

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