Wakam (La Parisienne Assurances)

A digital platform for the design of insurance products

Wakam (La Parisienne Assurances) selected SQLI to digitalise the design of its besporke insurance products. The new platform is intended as a response to performance and transparency issues, strengthening the relationship between the insurer and its partners.


Wakam designs bespoke insurance products that it markets as white label solutions to its different distributor partners who sell them to their own business and individual customers.

Previously, creating these products required both parties to send each other a lot of e-mails and attachments. The insurer wanted to set up a digital platform centralising all the actions and information in order to co-design the products with its partners.


Several objectives for Wakam

  • Respond to performance issues by reducing both time to market and internal workload
  • Improve partner experience (custom journeys, unified vision, real-time data transmission, self-service actions) to increase self-sufficiency and transparency
  • Simplify partnership management by enabling quick and easy monitoring of all the activities generated on the portal


A client-centred approach

The Bespoke Studio platform has become the unique port of entry for all partners. It simplifies monitoring, centralises correspondence, and automates the design of insurance products to provide a markedly improved client experience.

A winning duo

SQLI chose the Microsoft tech suite to work on the project. Built using SharePoint, the platform is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud and linked to the Dynamics 365 CRM tool.

Whenever a partner says they need a new insurance policy, Wakam opens up a space in their environment for them to design the requested product.

To approve the different stages up until marketing, the portal features several modules:

  • Document management (sharing and preparation of administrative documents, electronic signature, audit reports, etc.)
  • Performance measurement and monitoring using Power BI (subscription and KPI monitoring)
  • Digitisation of correspondence and setup of a ticketing process to manage partner requests

The solution, which is both agile and collaborative, allows partners to also execute a certain number of actions themselves.


The digitisation of processes enables:

  • Acceleration of the time-to-market: Release of a product in 10 weeks.
  • Cost reduction: 6% reduction in operating costs.
  • Satisfaction of partners: More than 45 brands already use the portal.

“Our choice was based on two essential aspects: technological proficiency and assistance with every phase of the project, from design to UX and production.“