Microsoft is as a global leader in computing technology is to put innovation and technology at the service of people. 

Microsoft® France works with a network of 10,500 partners, groups, and start-ups to assist businesses and individuals in leveraging technology to achieve their goals. Through programs for organizations working in the domains of culture, healthcare, education, and humanitarian help, Microsoft® hopes to make a positive, long-term impact on society. 

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SQLI, MICROSOFT® Solution Partner


For the past 20 years, SQLI and Microsoft® have collaborated to support and accelerate businesses' digital transformations. 

We perform up to 100 Microsoft® projects each year as a Solution Partner, with the help of 350 specialists and 240 certifications. Our teams design, develop, and deploy management tools, collaborative workspaces, business intelligence (BI) solutions, and custom systems. 

SQLI has been awarded Solution Partner status for its expertise in cloud services (Cloud Platform), Office 365 solutions (Cloud Productivity), collaboration tools (Collaboration and Content), cloud application development (Application Development), decisional analysis, and data visualization (Data Analytics). Our integration capabilities include Azure, Dynamics 365, and Office 365, which are all Microsoft® Cloud offerings. 

Microsoft® certified is also our SQLI Institut training center. We take part in a number of projects, including Microsoft® Share AI, Microsoft® for Students, and Microsoft® Training Days. 

  • 350 Microsoft experts
  • 100 Project completed per year
  • 240 Certifications (including Azure)
  • 20 years of partnership

Why choose Microsoft®?

Gartner, Inc. has named Microsoft® as a leader in the 2020 “Magic Quadrant for Cloud Database Management Systems Platforms”.



Microsoft® Azure

The Microsoft® Azure Cloud solution, which is used by more than 95 percent of Fortune 500 firms, provides a technological foundation that is open, adaptable, and dependable. 

Azure is highly secure, with over 90 particular (to an industry, region, or country) or global compliance certifications. Microsoft® is also HDS (Health Data Host) certified, enabling it to access personal health data. 

Azure is very scalable due to its ability to handle all languages and infrastructures, as well as its open-source philosophy. Organizations that choose an Azure Cloud platform can customize the application system to meet their specific needs and gain access to cutting-edge technology as as artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and data and analytics. 

Microsoft® 365

Microsoft® 365 is a cloud-based collaboration and work tool platform. Microsoft® 365 enables employees to access their work tools in a streamlined, unified manner using a variety of collaborative and individual productivity tools (such as Office 365, Teams, and Sharepoint). 

Employees need a "virtual workplace" that is accessible from anywhere on any device at a time when remote working has surpassed more traditional work spaces. Teams also provides a safe gateway for teams to share and trade resources. 

Artificial intelligence incorporated in Microsoft® 365 tools helps users save time and access resources more readily in their daily work. 

Finally, merging Office 365 and Power Platform allows you to personalize your employees' journeys and applications, as well as streamline the most time-consuming processes. 



Share AI programme

In 2019, Microsoft® launched Share AI, a skills sponsorship initiative. Its goal is to help start-ups, associations, and businesses that are working to make the world a better, more sustainable, and inclusive place. In 2020, SQLI participated in its second edition in support of four organizations and businesses. 

We backed the start-up Crocos Go Digital, which combines neuropsychological exams with artificial intelligence to detect “dys” issues in youngsters. Our expertise also assisted the social enterprise Social Builder in making the Adabot interactive assistant, which assists women in changing occupations, "smarter." La Cimade, a refugee help organization, used our expertise to improve the platform that volunteers use. Finally, the organization Le Cercle, which promotes LGBT+ workplace inclusion, developed a "HR cockpit" to manage the risks associated with the LGBT+ community. 

SQLI Institute certification courses

SQLI and Microsoft® are collaborating to expand cloud computing capabilities in France. SQLI Institut has created a cloud computing and Microsoft® Azure certification course curriculum. The teaching method of the certified trainers is appropriate for businesses of all sizes and sectors.