Workshop: Brand experience

We work together to find insights that will help elevate the visibility of your brand and strengthen the customer experience in your digital channels. Here, focus is on the the combined experience of, for instance, design, UX and copy to find new ways of bringing the brand to the next level.



A brand is not a logo. Or, for that matter, the payoff you have added below it. A brand is the collected impression of all interactions a client or other target audience has of you as a company. As the famous quote goes, "your brand is what other says of you when you are not in the room". So the question is, have posed yourself the question of how your brand is being affected by your total customer experience? Have you questioned how many channels there actually are where your brand is seen, what services you offer in those channels, how you communicate in them and how stringent that experience actually is for someone on the outside looking in? Are you targeting all relevant audiences, which ones are to be prioritized and do you speak to them in the right way?

The questions are many, and its not easy to navigate this digital quagmire by yourself. To be all-seeing, stringent and also somewhat objective when you are to evaluate what you have produced yourself. This is where an external party can be of great use, and therefore we offer our Brand Experience Workshop.


Together we will map out your touch points in the digital landscape. All areas where your current clients or prospects interact with your brand. Then, we will look in more detail at your brand. What it stands for, what you are trying to convey and how you want your clients to perceive your brand. After this we will try to establish whether you are delivering on your promises and if the experience differs between the different channels/touch points you have with your stakeholders.


The purpose of this is workshop is to map out in what channels we are visible in, what brand promises we are making and and how we deliver on these. Also an examination of what has been discovered, should we add or remove channels, or even update our brand promises? Who do we wish to be? After the completion of the workshop, the answers will be analyzed and converted into clear, actionable recommendations. 

  • A half day workshop
  • A full day of analysis work
  • A 2 hours presentation
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Price: 0 SEK. Thats right, free. Normally the cost of this workshop is 25.000 SEK, but during this campaign you can apply to have it free of charge. Read about our terms and conditions below.

Terms & conditions

In order to make sure that we will have a good working relationship with our new, potential partners we have developed some terms and conditions. We simply want to make sure about a few certain things before we start working together. Please, take the time to read through them before you apply. If you don't feel like you fulfill the terms, but still believe we could have an interesting collaboration? Don't hesitate to apply anyway, and we'll get back to you.

In order to be able to benefit from this exercise and our expertise, we believe that your company should be active within e-commerce, with an existing solution already in place and a dedicated team that continuously work with and improve your e-commerce business.

We are expecting to be able to perform 2-4 workshops per month. If that quota has already been filled, we might have to say no to taking on new workshops.

This workshop is an offer from SQLI Nordics. Hence, it is available in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland). Depending on the distance, it may have be to be performed via video link.

The offer is only valid for new clients. Are already a client with us? Then we'd be happy to do this workshop with you, but you will have to start off with getting in touch with your customer representative and take it from there.

SQLI Nordics have the full authority to decide on which clients we believe to be a good match, and will therefore be able to freely accept or deny applications.