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More and more companies are investing in artificial intelligence (AI) to help them gain a competitive advantage by improving services, making information available more quickly and implementing new business models.

Leveraging the power of data provides highly valuable insights for your business. SQLI has internal data manipulation expertise to help your enterprise leverage data science, from prototyping and minimum viable product (MVP) development to the latest artificial intelligence & advanced analytics best practices. Our data scientists study your business needs and challenges. Special attention is given to automation, sustainability of the solution, and collaboration with stakeholders-engineers, architects, and end users-to ensure that the implemented solution is optimized for your specific needs.

SQLI helps companies define their data vision and strategy - from decision making to predictive analytics, and offer the following capabilities:


Predictive solutions

Whether you need to run predictive scenarios, secure preventive maintenance, minimize the risk of incident, failure or fraud, machine learning and predictive techniques can be integrated into powerful solutions.

Our data scientists help you discover, develop, and deploy cutting-edge AI solution.


Fraud detection

Our data scientists do not replace your team of fraud analysts, but with machine learning we give them the ability to reduce the time spent on manual reviews and data analysis.

Machine learning makes a fraud analyst's role more effective, as their time is freed up to do more strategic work.


360° customer analysis

By applying the power of artificial intelligence to your customer analytics with a CDP, you gain deep insights into your customers' behavior, enabling you to make key decisions that can increase your revenue. You can focus on your most valuable customers, improve satisfaction rates, refine your products or services, and deliver personalized messages that optimize your overall marketing activities.



Chatbots are solving one of the biggest challenges of customer service, which is maximizing customer satisfaction while minimizing the workload of customer support team.

SQLI has developed a strong expertise in implementing chatbot solutions and support you to reduce client frustration with recurring information searches in a cost-effective manner.

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