Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Data is the raw material for high-value applications. 

Efficiently processing this raw material creates significant value and competitive advantage for businesses and organizations around the world. 

Creating highly personalized experiences is impossible without great data. Across all channels and processes, it is essential to be able to work with 100% accurate and rich data. 

When it comes to data analysis, SQLI enables you to offer your users a redesigned experience with tailored solutions. To achieve this, we follow a business, technology and agnostic approach that is an integral part of our DNA. We work with you from start to end, from data warehouse to data visualization. 


SQLI Capabilities 


Data Engineering 

By implementing data analytics systems for our clients, we transform raw data into meaningful information, facilitating key decision-making processes. Using well-established methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, our experienced data experts work with you from start to end on every successful project. Our data architects are able to design scalable and flexible data architectures. Our data engineers are capable of implementing end-to-end solutions, from setting up data platforms to developing data pipelines on all major cloud platforms as well as on-premises. 


Data Platform / Warehouse 

To address the many data-related questions that every business has, we provide consulting services based on our extensive experience and technical expertise. This know-how, rich in proven references, is a real asset in the current landscape of highly diversified and specialized solutions, from Hadoop distributions to data storage and processing services offered by cloud providers. 


Data Visualization & Self-Service 

Our approach takes into account all the usages to allow your teams to deal with their data as they wish. Thus, exploration, analysis, extraction, preparation and structuring of data are provided for, as well as their visualization combined with a meaningful storytelling and self-service business intelligence to give more autonomy to users. 

On a daily basis, business leaders must make strategic decisions within very short deadlines. These decisions are not simple, because the business changes according to the challenges. 

This is why, in order to manage the company's performance, decision-makers need dashboards that facilitate the visualization of data at a glance. Thanks to a strategic management tool with regularly updated indicators, they must be able to stay in control, gain autonomy, and provide better communication and more clarity in their decision-making. 

This is what SQLI enables them to do with its Data & Analytics offer.  

To achieve this, our team masters the leading tools on the market, including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Qlik and others, to provide you with the best solution for your needs. Following best practices in data visualization, our consultants aim to deliver attractive, interactive and visually immersive reports and solutions.  The end goal is to provide clearer information for better decision making that drives your business performance. 


Data Science 

SQLI helps companies define their data vision and strategy - from decision making to predictive analytics. 

Through all these matters, our SQLI Data team will be pleased to help you to build your next data projects and share their expertise. 

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