William Grant & Sons France turns to SAP C4C to energise its customer relations

A flexible and prgressive dispute management solution put in place by SQLI.

William Grant & Sons France (formerly Lixir), a group specialising in marketing spirits, has called on SQLI to design and develop a complaint management tool. This solution provides a cross-functional vision rolled out across all relevant roles, both internal as well as external, dealing with the causes of disputes as well as the time taken to resolve them. The aim is to reduce the financial impact caused by processing times and the risk of non-recovery.

Digitising and simplifying dispute management

William Grant & Sons France is a group that specialises in marketing spirits to the French cafés, hotels and restaurants market, as well as the mass retail sector. Its portfolio comprises internationally renowned brands such as Cointreau, Passoa, Glenfiddich and Grant’s.As part of its digital transformation, William Grant & Sons France needed a new tool for managing commercial, logistical and accounting complaints; a strategic solution for the Group in view of the substantial sums involved in fixed penalties for disputes.

There were a number of aims:

  • generate reports for more precise data analysis;
  • create a workflow showing progress status between the various departments;
  • implement a flexible solution that would enable new functionalities to be added.

SQLI was chosen by William Grant & Sons France because of its expertise and experience in the SAP Cloud for Customer solution:

"The C4C response provided by SQLI covered all areas of our business needs: an innovative and progressive solution boasting all the latest cutting edge technology, enabling us to create a workflow for streamlining our processes and managing our disputes more efficiently. We had full confidence in SQLI as they provided concrete suggestions despite a very technically ambitious set of specifications," explains the William Grant & Sons France IT Department.

An intuitive and ergonomic C4C solution

The SAP Cloud for Customer solution suggested by SQLI was selected due to:

  • a user-friendly interface that matches our needs,
  • native integration with the William Grant & Sons France ERP, meaning that information can flow between the two systems,
  • flexibility to meet potential future requirements due to improvements added gradually by SAP.

The project took place over the course of nine months. Various design workshops enabled SQLI to set up the initial functionalities for the SAP Cloud for Customer solution. Its experts also connected the tool to the ERP, and developed reports and workflows. Each type of dispute now has its own workflows and reporting.William Grant & Sons France now benefits from better contact management and customer analysis. Streamlining the processes and simplifying data entry has also accelerated complaint processing times.

The SAP Cloud for Customer solution provided by SQLI means that:

  • dispute management is now centralised and streamlined within a common, shared tool
  • operational effectiveness is improved by automating the information exchange processes,
  • all elements relating to a dispute can now be accessed,
  • the required procedures and processes are easier to understand, with management rules put in place for automating information flow.

SQLI experts worked closely with William Grant & Sons France, providing advice throughout the project. As early as the design phase, their constant monitoring of the CRM solutions on the market meant they could suggest the most suitable product.

"Internal acceptance of our new tool has been instantaneous: it makes data entry easier and saves time. We are very proud to have been the first to implement a dispute management solution with C4C. With SAP providing new releases every quarter, our solution will continue to evolve and we will always have the latest new functionalities. This means that we will also benefit from additional interfaces to make it easier to manage our contacts and analyse our customers", concludes the William Grant & Sons France IT Department.