Wax Interactive rolls up its sleeves for Böcker France

Comprehensive support: Brand Identity, Website, Newsletter, Advertising, Exhibitions etc.

Böcker France chose WAX Interactive Lille to assist it with implementing its new marketing strategy. Redesigning its offline and online brand identity, overhauling its website, and strengthening its customer and partner relationships with the launch of a newsletter are some of the many levers for developing the brand (a major player in the leaven market in France) to establish its reputation.

Böcker France - A Major player in the bred-making ingredients market

Böcker France was founded in 2003 and is a key player in the French market which develops and markets a large range of ingredients and solutions derived from natural raw materials and intended for professionals in the cereal cooking industry: leavens, enzymes, yeasts, GM-free soyas, malts, substitutes for salt and other technological products.Böcker France's offer covers many fields of application: milling, bakery, pastry-making, cake-making, biscuit-making, breakfast foods, caterers, snacks, pizza, pasta, food supplements, health foods and supermarket products.

Wax Interactive: The Agency of Reference in Digital Transformation

For 3 years Böcker France has been committed to implementing a new marketing strategy driven by the company's management and built around 4 areas to improve in:

  • To refine and assert a positioning and image as a top of the range leader
  • To highlight the ranges of products and Partners
  • To increase communication
  • To stage-manage the network and Böcker's partnersBöcker France chose WAX Interactive to assist it in designing and implementing their new strategy.

What made it stand out compared to other agencies, is WAX Interactive's ability to fulfil all the technical, aesthetic and operational criteria set out in the specifications within a tight timeframe.

Marie Censi, Marketing Consultant, says: "I found all the qualities of a traditional advertising agency as well as all those of a digital agency at WAX Interactive."

Comprehensive support for a strategic project

The partnership between WAX Interactive and Böcker France is reflected by comprehensive support, which focuses on the brand identity, digital presence and also the offline strategy. So WAX Interactive's teams worked on overhauling the image of the brand by suggesting a new logo and a new corporate identity and style guide.They then developed a dynamic and creative website which functions simply and clearly in French and English ( http://www.bocker-france.fr/). This new website synthesises the company's 4 strategic areas to improve in. It consolidates and establishes a top of the range image and showcases all the Partners by giving them a space to express themselves. It also makes it possible for Böcker France to express itself on professional and sector-related topics and stage-manage products as well as the company's strengths in an understandable and accessible way.

Marie Censi adds, "WAX Interactive understood perfectly and implemented the strategic demands and did remarkable, high-quality work in terms of visual research, which is both attractive and top of the range to highlight our website."

Beyond digital - omnichannel expertise

The Lille teams assist and express their creativity and use their expertise for Böcker France across all the online and offline resources. So all of the company's materials - presentations, stand backdrops etc. - were developed using the new brand identity. WAX Interactive also developed an institutional magazine advert (notably published in Honoré Le Mag).As a logical continuation of the launch of the website, Böcker France wanted to strengthen the link with its customers and maintain the visibility of the brand by launching a quarterly newsletter whose design, resource development and routing are also managed by the agency. Böcker France wants to collaborate with WAX very soon on the design of its new company brochure.

Marie Censi also notes: "Customers are extremely satisfied with all of Böcker France's new communication platform. The view of Partners and of professionals in the sector has changed, which shows that the objectives set have been fully achieved."