Wax Interactive is helping and advising Société Générale with it's Pokémon Collector Cards

Société Générale Pokémon collector cards, gotta catch'em all!

What's it all about? Pokémon, of course!

We all know 'em: they're everywhere, in the playground, on our screens, on tie-in products - from the most incredible to the most fashionable - and since summer 2016 they've been hiding among us, drawing crowds and setting off on frenzied hunts.

There was one place left where no Pokémon had ever been caught in Europe, but now it's a done deal with the Société Générale Pokémon Collector cards. Aurore Vast and Paul Teyssèdre, heads of Loyalty and Customer Activation operations at WAX Interactive, worked with Société Générale to bring this project to fruition.

"In terms of our consulting activity, we helped Société Générale to identify licences likely to boost engagement and activation with strategic target groups. After Space Invaders and Mr. Men Collector cards, we're very proud to have made the creation of the Pokémon Collector cards possible", says Aurore Vast.

This card launch is orchestrated by Société Générale and is really placing the emphasis on social networks, where we can immediately see the support and excitement of a whole generation.

The Pokémon Collector cards demonstrate once again that, for a brand, getting in touch with their customers' feelings and emotions is a powerful way to boost engagement and satisfaction.