Tisséo Collectivités redesigns its intranet on SharePoint

SQLI provides the framework for improved collaboration

Tisséo Collectivités, the authority in charge of mobility in the Toulouse metropolitan area, has improved information sharing in order to promote day-to-day collaboration. For assistance with the redesign of its employee intranet, Tisséo turned to SQLI, an expert in design thinking and design sprint methodologies, which make it possible to mobilise a working group to achieve collegial, tried-and-tested production that is approved by end users.

More effective collaboration through improved user-friendliness and information sharing

The Tisséo Collectivités employee intranet was gradually falling into disuse with the passing years. The main culprits were an unattractive interface and poorly optimised presentation of content. HR information and project news, for example, were provided, but lacked visibility on the homepage.

The Communications Department therefore initiated an overhaul of the platform. The goal was to provide an easy-to-use tool that facilitates collaboration by enabling the sharing of useful information. The long-term objectives are that 90% of employees use the intranet on a daily basis and 80% of search results are considered to be relevant. It set up a working group representing the various business lines (transport and mobility engineering, human resources, legal and IT). Within the framework of a public contract, SQLI was selected to help Tisséo Collectivités to rethink its intranet.

A first experiment with the design sprint methodology at Tisséo

David Jugniot, Digital Project Manager at Tisséo Collectivités explains: "We needed an outside perspective to provide a framework for the project and guide us through the design sprint, which we were familiar with in theory but had not yet experimented with. The benefit of this methodology is that it brings together employees and efficiently moves thinking forward to achieve a collegial approach to production."

SQLI's consultants conducted the five-day sprint, which included several workshops involving the working group. A storyboard was produced on the basis of the various business units' needs and the three most common user journeys were identified. These sessions also led to the creation of a space dedicated to information about projects, in the form of a newsletter. Designed by the consultants, the prototype made it possible to test and approve the journeys and functionalities imagined.

David Jugniot adds: "We are very satisfied with the support provided: SQLI's consultants demonstrated a great ability to listen and explain, which produced quality interactions and ready-to-use models."

SharePoint, the obvious solution

The design sprint was completed just before the March 2020 lockdown in France, a pivotal moment for Tisséo Collectivités, which deployed the Microsoft Office 365 environment to enable remote working.SharePoint was therefore the natural choice for the new version of the intranet. Based on the models produced with SQLI and adapted to the solution, the intranet, which is set to be launched in the first quarter of 2021, marks the beginning of a more global digital transformation within the organisation.