SQLI restates its commitment to helping students grow into their careers

The group’s commitment has been rewarded by the happy trainees label for the fourth year running

Each year, ChooseMyCompany enables interns and apprentices to assess their host companies. Thanks to the satisfaction of interns and students who joined its French and Moroccan teams, SQLI has once again received the Happy Trainees label.


The Happy Trainees label awarded by ChooseMyCompany, an organization working to improve workplace relationships, highlights companies that offer a positive environment for young people beginning their careers. This independent label is awarded with total impartiality, following an anonymous survey of interns and apprentices, which includes six main assessment criteria: career development, stimulating environment, management, motivation, pride, pleasure & fun.

For the 2022 edition, nearly 100 interns and apprentices working at SQLI’s French and Moroccan offices completed the survey. 95% of respondents in Morocco and 90% of respondents in France recommend SQLI. Based on these positive results, the digital services group was awarded the label for the fourth year in a row, which reflects interns’ and apprentices’ high level of satisfaction with the professional experience they gained within its teams.

Claire Depanian, Human Resources Director, stated that: “I would like to thank all of the interns and apprentices who took part in the survey, as well as the teams that trained them. The Happy Trainees label is a recognition of our commitment to helping students as they embark on their careers. In addition to being able to work and grow in an environment on a human scale, as part of an international group, they can contribute to our growth dynamic in the exciting world of digital experience and e-commerce. We have an ambitious recruitment plan for permanent contracts, as well as internships and apprenticeships, for 2022. We are delighted that many of them are joining us after graduating, which makes their integration all the more rapid.