SQLI Lyon invites you to its 6th meet up

On 28th september at the verrazzano campus, starting 6 p.m.

On 28th September from 6 to 10 p.m.: come and meet the SQLI experts at a Meet Up at the Verrazzano campus.It will be the perfect opportunity to hone your technical knowledge and talk to our experts during a convivial event!

The programme will include conferences, workshops and networking

At 6 p.m. on 28th September 2016, you are invited to the VERRAZZANO Campus (1 place Verrazzano - 69009 Lyon) to take part in the 6th Meet Up organised by SQLI Lyon.

Each SQLI Meet Up has so far been crowned with success: no fewer than 100 people were present in last February.During this event, participants will be able to attend 4 conferences on cutting-edge technology, presented by SQLI experts, who will also talk about how to approach and develop innovative projects.

The evening will include live demonstrations and workshops, providing better understanding of issues. The programme:

  • Hadoop - "Hadoop-t a dev", by Rémy Girodon
  • JWT - "JWT! WTF?", by Cédric Bezaud
  • Agility - “Agility, methods for all environments?” by Tamara Kondakjian and Fanny Ducrocq
  • Programming - “Reactive programming for Android by Hamza Hsain

The conferences will be followed by a cocktail function. Experts will be available to participants to discuss technology and career opportunities at SQLI.