SQLI launches the fundraiser 'Blow out a candle to fight the virus'

A socially engaged anniversary


SQLI celebrated its 30th anniversary in March. Unfortunately, SQLI was unable to hold a big party with its employees, partners and clients to blow out the 30 candles of a giant cake together. In view of the current pandemic and lockdown, SQLI has decided to create a digital and socially engaged anniversary to support a good cause while having fun.


« Blow out the candle »

To celebrate its 30th anniversary in safety and solidarity, the idea is simple: Internet users are invited to blow out candles, from their homes, for a good cause and to give a second wind to people who are ill and suffering from respiratory diseases. The aim is also to help healthcare workers who work all hours and are often exhausted, as well as researchers who are looking for effective treatments to help them get their breath back.

1 selfie = €10: funding the fight against covid-19 on social networks

SQLI is organising an anniversary party for all these people during lockdown, but one that is connected via social networks to support the fight against the pandemic. Internet users are invited to take a photo of themselves blowing out an anniversary candle and post it as a comment, so they can use a selfie to help grow the fund for the fight against Covid-19.

For each photo published, SQLI will pay €10 to the Fondation de France for its campaign 'Tous unis contre le virus' (All united against the virus), plus 1€ for each "Reaction" on the campaign posts running from the 16th of April to the 6th of May inclusive.

You can find our fundraiser on LinkedIn. At the same time, a fundraiser open to all is being organised on a dedicated page of the Fondation de France, for each donation SQLI double the amount !