The SQLI Lab - a focus for inspiring innovation

SQLI has a cell which is 100% dedicated to digital innovation

In order to reinforce the visibility of its original approach to innovation, in line with the Group's unique positioning focused on improving overall performance of companies and combining marketing and technology, SQLI wanted to equip itself with a unit dedicated to digital forward planning: THE LAB.

A team made up of experts with complementary skills

The Lab is first and foremost a multi-disciplinary team made up of 4 digital specialists - Thomas Gayet (Creative Technologist), Benjamin Thomas (Innovation Consultant), Josselin Moreau (Strategic Planner), and Edouard Bataille (Creative Developer) - who are passionate about technological innovation and the new uses which result from it.

These 4 experts form the LAB's core and have the task of managing a community of digital specialists at the Group level.

THE LAB seeks to lead and embody innovation and the ambition to prepare for the future by shaking up habits and norms, decoding trends, and experimenting with them, so that SQLI and its customers are always one step ahead.Its approach is the very antithesis of art for art's sake, and aims to be resolutely pragmatic to above all help with the business objectives of the Group and the companies which it assists.

THE LAB assists the SQLI Group's customers with various areas such as:

  • Innovation advice: technological and service watch, workshop and co-creation facilitation, remote and customised 'Lab', etc. 
  • Creation of innovative systems for sales assistance, digitalisation of points of sale, connected objects, real-time sharing.
  • Development of prototypes: conceptualisation, design of services, test & learn, etc.
  • Or the creation of new offers such as Augmented Banking - an original vision of the banking of tomorrow.

First success in Val d'Isère for a completely new 'mobile experience' in ski resorts

At the end of 2014, the members of the LAB won "The highest Hackathon in the world" with the unanimous approval of the judges for an iOS mobile application which makes it possible to retrieve all holiday-makers’ data to improve and enrich customer experience. In addition, the app also offers multiple features such as:

  • Customised itineraries suited to the skier’s profile;
  • ‘Augmented Skiing’ – a brand new service for directions and guidance in the skiing area;
  • The smart alarm which wakes you up according to the best weather;
  • Digitalisation of points of sale with iBeacon devices;
  • Gamification;
  • Reporting which allows you to check your performance in real time and share it on social networks;
  • Selfski: the skiing selfie ?