SQLI - The fist digital consultancy group to commit to web quality recognition

A partnership with Opquast to continuously certify the quality of web projects.

In order to guarantee its clients that websites meet the latest quality standards, SQLI is becoming the first digital consultancy group to enter into a partnership with Opquast. In doing so, SQLI demonstrates its mastery of web quality and strengthens synergies between professions by providing its teams with Opquast web professional certification, which is listed at the CNCP (the French National Professional Certification Commission).

Web quality: a constant aim

Not knowing where to click in order to continue browsing, or how to contact the manager of a site; posting questions that remain forever unanswered, or leaving a site because loading times are so long... These are just a few examples of bad experiences users are still having. Opquast (Open Quality Standards), a company specialised in the quality of online services, addresses the issue of meeting users' requirements through the design of:

  • A reference document in the form of a checklist that brings together 226 best practices;
  • Site reporting and auditing tools;
  • Professional training leading to a qualification.

 Aimed at all web actors, whatever their speciality, the Opquast training course is designed to provide cross-cutting knowledge (accessibility, referencing, browsing, security, etc.) in order to ensure overall web quality, and not just the quality of a single aspect such as SEO. For three years now, the Opquast Certified® qualification has established itself as a skills acquisition tool for professionals in the French sector, with more than 3000 certified members.

SQLI – a focus on excellence in web consultancy

The experience of users, whether they are shareholders, clients, or end users, has always been an essential challenge for SQLI. It was only natural for the Group's teams to begin working with the reference document and its 226 best practices. This partnership not only certifies employees' mastery of web quality, but also guarantees the smoothness of synergies between professions involved in web projects.

From the Account Manager to the Front-End Developer and the UX Designer, all will benefit from the same knowledge of standards. They will acquire skills in areas connected to their core expertise, as well as a global vision of web quality, in order to continue to provide more effective assistance in decision making and cost optimisation.SQLI is the first digital consultancy group to commit to this certification, as confirmed by Elie Sloïm, Chairman and Founder of Opquast:

« Developing websites that work in all usage contexts and that take into account all aspects of the user experience (mobile, security, referencing, accessibility, trust, e-commerce, etc.) requires a very broad cross-cutting skills base, which in the end depends fairly little on the technologies used. Not all professionals working in the area of digital consultancy have fully taken on board this shared culture. We are therefore delighted to see SQLI show the way and gain recognition for its skills in web quality by following this approach ».

At the present time, 15 experts have been certified and a new session will be launched in June this year, marking the beginning of an ongoing training dynamic in the Group.