SQLI appoints Sylvie Verstraeten to manage the human resources department

Stronger mangement and renewed impetus in HR

As part of its Move Up 2020 plan, with its objectives focused on transformation and growth, SQLI wanted to give its management team a fresh boost and has appointed Sylvie Verstraeten to manage the Human Resources Department.

Moving towards a new Group HR policy

Sylvie Verstraeten joined SQLI on 18 April 2017 as the Group's Director of Human Resources, with the mission to help with the company's transformation and its growth strategy, contribute to the development of a culture based on its three founding values - a Creative Spirit, Commitment and Forward Thinking - and orchestrate a collaborative Group HR policy.Sylvie Verstraeten graduated with a master's degree in Business Law and an LL.M in European Law.

She began her career in 1997 as a lawyer with Steria and became Director of Legal Affairs (France) in 2005, a position she held for 5 years. In 2010, she changed career and was appointed as Director of Human Resources (France) at Steria, to develop and implement the HR strategy and support the Group with its transformation challenges and ensure that HR plays a more valuable role. Following the Sopra Steria merger, she became the Group's Assistant HR Director (International) and notably contributed to the design and roll-out of the integration process.

As part of this mission, Sylvie is managing a strategic programme initiated in the last quarter of 2016 aimed at strengthening the Group's employer brand and its visibility, accelerating recruitment, enabling everyone to be a part of its development, bringing all the workforce together around the company project and putting the Staff Experience at the heart of HR policy.

"I am delighted to be joining the SQLI Group to contribute to its transformation and connect all of the Group's staff to an HR project combining commitment and innovation," says Sylvie Verstraeten.

"SQLI's transformation is under way and I am particularly pleased to welcome Sylvie, who will share her proven experience with the Group in order to give HR a new boost and achieve the goals that we set for ourselves as part of the Move Up 2020 plan," addsDidier Fauque, CEO of the SQLI Group.

SQLI is recruiting more than 700 talented staff in 2017

The appointment of Sylvie Verstraeten is part of the Group's  ambition to develop and attract new talent. SQLI is growing fast and wants to strengthen its teams in France and internationally to assist its customers with their digital transformation.From young Bac +5-level (5 years of post A-level studies) graduates to experienced candidates, the range of profiles sought is varied: Functional Consultants, Ergonomics Consultants, Solutions Architects (Java/JEE2, Angular JS, etc.), Project Leaders and Project Managers, UX, Designers or indeed Research and Development Engineers.

But above all else these are personalities, who are daring, creative and have a strong 'team spirit'.The future recruits will work on innovative projects in varied sectors such as banking, insurance, aeronautics, energy, luxury, retail, etc., for large accounts where the common denominator is the connected experience. All the fast-growing areas are concerned: mobility, the IOT, Big Data, digital and social marketing, customer experience or even the digitisation of operations.

Trained, certified, qualified

"Innovation and technology in the service of the connected experience, are an asset to the careers of our staff, who can benefit from dynamic career development and personalised training suited to their profile."  says Sylvie Verstraeten.

So in order to assist its staff to remain at the cutting edge of technologies and their skills, the Group has set up a programme of training courses and certifications for several years: almost 1000 staff are trained each year, including 300 certifications, in areas such as agility, SMACS, Adobe, Hybris, etc.Throughout the careers of its staff, SQLI encourages the sharing of experiences and expertise through collaborative tools, Hackathons, meet-ups, conferences, etc.Join the tribe and “play the digital game”!