SilverSea is heading for digital with Adobe and SQLI

A brand new and customised experience for users

The luxury cruise operator Silversea unveiled its new website in September. This project, done in partnership with SQLI, uses Adobe technologies which offer a range of rich and flexible digital features which facilitate the customisation of content. The objective: to offer a new experience to the brand's customers with a scalable and efficient platform.

A more efficient website to address business challenges

Silversea, the luxury cruise operator, owns and manages nine ultra-luxury cruise ships which can accommodate between 100 and 540 passengers and offers a range of routes on all continents, going to more than 1,000 destinations worldwide.In order to consolidate its position as the leader in its market, Silversea wanted to put a new modular digital platform in place with the aim of personalising the customer experience in real time, resulting in optimised management of content, customised messages and offers, geolocation or even a responsive design.

There are several challenges:

  • To have a scalable and progressive platform which leads to better search engine optimisation.
  • To develop its brand image.
  • To benefit internally from seamless connectivity between the different tools (CRM, Analytics, DMP, travel database).
  • To increase its market shares.

SQLI was chosen by the cruise operator to help it put this new digital solution in place using its proven experience in the luxury sector and its Adobe technological expertise. Indeed, as an Adobe partner for more than 10 years, SQLI is the No. 1 Adobe Centre of Excellence in the market with nearly 40 experts who are mostly AEM certified, and actively collaborates with the publisher on developing the Adobe Marketing Cloud platform.

A customised user experience                                  

SQLI used the Adobe Marketing Cloud suite, and more specifically its key AEM component to design the new Silversea platform. More specifically, Adobe Experience Manager is a comprehensive solution to create Web applications and efficiently manage content and marketing assets. This technological choice has made it possible to organise all the other Adobe solutions around the website such as Adobe Media Optimizer, Adobe Audience Manager or Adobe Analytics.

To do this, SQLI worked on a large part of the value chain: defining requirements and technical solutions in line with the cruise operator's different business issues, architecture, development and production launch. The AEM solution integrated by SQLI, enables Silversea's Digital Department to manage the customisation of content more easily and thus send targeted messages to its clientele.

Silversea now has a tool:

  • That can send individualised messages based on the information linked to the geolocation of the customer, their browsing on the website and their profile, thus offering them a brand new experience with the brand.
  • Responsive and efficient with a load time which is 3 times faster.

"The SQLI teams offered a lot of ideas throughout the entire project. They really understood and immersed themselves in our issues and challenges in order to offer us the solutions best adapted to our highly complex offer and our extensive, multi-part catalogue. We can now be autonomous with the tools rolled out by SQLI and focus on our core business. Internally, the digital teams have already been won over by the solution. We are convinced that with this new platform we are going to increase our market shares," says Xavier Bussonnais, Digital Marketing Director, Silversea.