Signing of a partnership between SQLI and SensioLabs

On 22 May, SQLI's partnership with SensioLabs, publisher of the Open Source Symfony framework, recognised by the PHP community, became reality.

This will be an opportunity for SQLI to increase its visibility within the Symfony ecosystem, confirm its expertise and become part of the network of SensioLabs' external resources. It is also a first step towards certification of the SQLI teams.

A strategic partnership

SensioLabs, publisher and creator of the Symfony framework (a set of softwares components that make web apps development easier, faster and more reliable), launched the Affiliate Network programme less than a year ago to meet growing demand for Symfony development requirements. SQLI officially became part of this Affiliate Network on 22 May.SQLI's technical Symfony expertise is recognised by SensioLabs.

Indeed, it is used for many large-scale projects such as:

  • The overhaul of the retail website,
  • The Pre-Reference Export and Accounting Safe business solutions for ATAC in the mass distribution sector,
  • Industrial gases orders intake websites AIR LIQUIDE FRANCE INDUSTRIE (ALFI), et AIR LIQUIDE BENELUX INDUSTRIE (ALBI),
  • Or even Crédit Agricole's mobile back office and Fontevraud Abbey's responsive website etc.

This integration will also make it possible to access the innovative tools created by SensioLabs to complete the work delivered by the SQLI Open Source teams. Being affiliated to the Symfony publisher's programme also brings the option of being a distributor of its products:

  • SensioLabsInsight, PHP code quality analysis tool:
  • BlackFire, code performance analysis tool:

Finally, as an affiliate, SQLI will be more visible at Symfony community events which are highly valued by Symfony developers.

Objective: Symfony certification

Having made excellence its mantra, SensioLabs demands cutting-edge skills and know-how from its partners. Indeed, Symfony certification holders are rare on the market and they have great influence among customers who are interested in the world of Open Source. With this partnership, SensioLabs is committed to assisting SQLI until its teams have certification.Obtaining the Symfony certification (a guarantee of quality) will demonstrate the extent of SQLI's technical skills.

« We are pleased that SQLI, a recognised player, is now joining SensioLabs' Affiliate Network and entering the Symfony ecosystem. It is a very good opportunity to get recognition for the technical skills which have been acquired throughout these last few years. We are also committed to assisting SQLI to obtain Symfony certification and thus firmly establishing this partnership for the long term, » says Grégory Pascal, Managing Director of SensioLabs.