Revitalisation of the Klorane Botanical Foundation Site

An overhaul managed by SQLI to promote the Foundation's missions

Pierre Fabre, the world's 2nd biggest dermo-cosmetic laboratory and France's 2nd biggest private pharmaceutical group, chose SQLI to rejuvenate Klorane Botanical Foundation's site. The foundation works to protect the world's plant heritage and educate a wide-ranging global audience – it needed to freshen up its site to be represented by a modernised, multilingual and educational responsive platform.

SQLI Group has worked with Pierre Fabre group for several years and overhauled Klorane Botanical Foundation's website to promote its missions: Protecting, Exploring and Educating. The foundation contributes to programmes that protect plant species, and plant research programmes, as well as educational programmes for the general public, schools and healthcare professionals.SQLI redesigned the website's development, data organisation, and digital marketing. This overhaul included:

  • Editorial optimisation (easy contribution and content management)
  • Creation of specific private spaces for each target group (teachers, students, children, and the general public)
  • Creation of the botanical media library
  • Internationalisation of the site (English and Spanish)

The English version was recently rolled out and the Spanish version is scheduled for the month of July.

With their extensive, in-depth knowledge of Pierre Fabre Group, SQLI's experts were able to offer a convincing vision of the site, meeting their expectations in terms of image.