ONE Team: the 100% SQLI project winner of the 2018 digital HR team trophy

An audacious scheme placing employee experience at the heart of the Group's biggest move

SQLI and its Human Resources and Communications teams won the 2018 HR Team Trophy, awarded by Groupe RH&M, recognising the most innovative corporate digitalisation project. Via the ONE Team scheme, 650 Paris-based employees were assisted from start to finish of the project destined to bring together 4 Ile-de-France sites, a strategic project for the Group. A network of ambassadors and a single-channel communication plan enabled SQLI to set itself apart.

SQLI, winner of the HR digitalisation prize

On the 7th June 2018, the Digital HR Team Trophy was awarded to SQLI, a dedicated Digital services company, by Groupe RH&M. Created in 1998, Groupe RH&M is specialised in the training and development of Human Resources and Senior Management Staff. It also produces periodicals such as RH&M magazine, a flagship Human Resources & Management magazine specialised in major internal and external corporate transformations.The trophy, which honours the most germane, exemplary and innovative project, was awarded to the Group's HR and Communications representatives for their ONE Team project.

The Parisian flagship, spearhead of the ONE Team project

The project was launched in 2017 with the following credo: attract, develop loyalty and federate. As part of the HR section of its strategic 2020 Move Up plan, the SQLI Group launched the project to unite its Parisian teams on a single brand-new site in Levallois-Perret. Four agencies spread between Paris and its inner suburbs have now been brought together to provide even smoother synergies and increase team spirit.

"Flexibility, openness and collaboration were our three key concepts which, when combined, helped to bust silos thanks to cross-disciplinary, creative, and increasingly flexible working environments. Spaces are open, airy and modular, complete with interactive information screens, meeting rooms, and creative rooms, to encourage people to speak up and show initiative. Ideally positioned at the heart of our working spaces, our break area encourages informal discussions over a cup of coffee, and features a gaming space, a library, and an events area. It also serves as an alternative venue for collaborative work" explains Sylvie Verstraeten, SQLI Group HR Manager.

A network of determined ambassadors and personalised digital communication

Representing the agencies and business lines involved, the ambassador network played a central role in the project's progress and all the resulting HR communications and awareness actions. More than 20 volunteers threw themselves enthusiastically into the exercise to make ONE Team a success where collaboration, communication and innovation were key.The communications plan was designed to answer every question and meet the expectations of the teams from start to finish of the project thanks to the ambassadors' work in the field."A move raises a great deal of questions: we paid extra special attention to providing all the information to help employees to get organised and, of course, reassure them" continues Sylvie Verstraeten.The main aim was to demystify the move, and get employees both involved and on board. They had the chance to get to see their new working environment via 3D projections of the premises, and even contribute towards choosing the names of the meeting rooms and creating the collaborative spaces via intranet events.Building on its core business and its DNA, the SQLI Communications team, in collaboration with the Innovation Lab, developed several fun custom applications: 

  • An interactive plan of the new premises offering an immersive and personalised experience (practical information, telephone number, address, team zoning and break areas)
  • A shared photowall to bring the move to life, like social networks with a photo timeline and extra functions: commenting, tagging and liking
  • An augmented reality (AR) treasure hunt to explore the new premises: smartphones in hand, SQLI's people were invited to head off to hunt for 20 visuals hidden on all 3 floors, and scan them using the SQLI The Hunt AR application to grab all the trophies and win prizes

"The whole scheme devised to manage the move was a success thanks to the creation of the ambassador network, which made it easier to share information, as well as making both the move and employees' expectations transparent. The creation and release of digital tools created for ONE Team also significantly contributed to SQLI's teams getting to grips with the premises. Plus, these tools can also be very easily adapted to other Group agencies, for local events, e.g. The Hunt application, or to welcome new employees with an interactive plan" explains Christine Julien, SQLI Group Communication & Marketing Manager.