Multipharma improves performance with streamlined BI solutions

A SAP BI4 solution implemented by SQLI

The pharmaceutical distribution network Multipharma chose SQLI to implement a high-performing, cutting-edge Business Intelligence solution. BI applications have enabled Multipharma to analyse interactions with its pharmacies and to take measures to optimise their performance.

Increased performance objective

Multipharma’s pharmaceutical distribution network comprises 250 pharmacies in Belgium, and employs over 1,200 individuals.Until recently, Multipharma's teams didn't have access to an efficient data analysis system. Indeed, with the high number of data sources and the manual interventions required to process information, reporting was a painstaking task, with significant risk for error. Management needed innovative tools giving the agility necessary to analyse their activity in detail.This is why Multipharma launched an ambitious project to optimise its reporting platform, with the implementation of a Business Intelligence solution, with the objective of reinforcing productivity and interactivity using reports, detailed data and new analysis methods.

Multipharma asked SQLI to undertake this project, in part due to their good references and proven experience in BI. This led to a team of data warehouse architecture and BI solutions specialists joining Multipharma on the project.

Data warehouse and BI: a winning combination

Multipharma's challenge was to collect and centralise data (HR, stocks and sales) in a uniform and standardised manner, in a central data warehouse: SAP Business Warehouse (BW) 7.3. SQLI created a complete, structured and unifying data warehouse, implementing the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0 solution. This innovative solution allows Multipharma to make the most of this information and employ a wide range of analysis and reporting tools. From now on, a complete combination of modules (dashboards, web intelligence and analysis) is available in order to research key data, and subsequently analyse and follow it in interactive reports and graphs.

Optimum analysis capacity

This decisional tool represents a considerable improvement in terms of operational excellence. The 25 users can now work on the same tools with greater ease and communicate together in order to improve the company's performance and productivity.

"Thanks to the platform, we are more agile and can share information. We benefit from a greater analysis capacity. The scope is considerably wider. We can analyse our statistics to a much greater depth and see how items develop, by day and by store, etc. The possibilities are almost endless," explains Marijken Ottoy, Financial Controller, Multipharma.

Dashboards give management greater agility. "When the performance of one of our pharmacies drops, we can intervene swiftly and in a more structured manner. We are now quicker to determine the cause of under-performance than we once were... Analysing results in detail means we can benchmark the results with other pharmacies and identify concrete actions to implement for the specific pharmacy," Marijken Ottoy goes on to say.

Multipharma recognised SQLI's professionalism during the implementation. "Their conduct, expertise and knowledge of the product brought added value, both during the project and in their support afterwards. SQLI has become a strategic collaboration partner for all things BI," concludes Marijken Ottoy.