Materiautech® breaks with establish conventions of the plastics processing industry

With a highly graphic website developed by SQLI

What if plastic materials played the role of the models themselves? This is the approach that Materiautech®, an Allizé Plasturgie entity, has adopted. Thanks to the website created by SQLI, the plastics processing industry union has an area which showcases demonstrators while enhancing them. Fashion photos and a luxury atmosphere: a new way of presenting the materials, which is at odds with the traditional world of plastics processing.

Innovation: a Materiautech® value

Innovation is second nature to Matériautech®. The plastics processing industry union presents samples of plastic and composite materials in order to promote innovation and assist its members with the development of their projects. As Matériautech® is at the cutting edge of innovation, it has redesigned its website to offer the 900 members of Allizé-Plasturgie (small businesses, SME/SMI/large groups, research departments, designers, etc.) a B2B platform which lists all of its demonstrators in an original way.

"We needed a non-standard website," explains Gilles Gauthier, the RDI & Design Manager in charge of the Matériautech® network, "which is both out of the ordinary and highly functional, combined with ground-breaking ergonomics and an elegant design."

SQLI was able to address this need with a creative proposal of lavish photos and graphics showcasing the samples, and mastery of Ez Publish technology.

A showcase for the plastics processing industry

This platform showcases the different samples in an original way: arrangement of the material, lighting effects, and samples idealised like fashion photos. It is a new way of presenting the materials.In addition to the design, the website offers new features such as a geolocation map which enables Internet users to easily find Materiautech®'s physical sites in France and Europe, as well as an extranet and a database on the research programmes started by Matériautech®.

It can also generate newsletters and e-mailing, in order to enrich the brand's CRM.

"Thanks to our new website, Matériautech® now has a durable resource. It is a genuine virtual Matériautech® which enables everyone to find information about materials or processes using a powerful search engine. It is also the means for Matériautechs® to keep a virtual memory of all the materials produced over the last 9 years, which had its limits with the physical Matériautechs®. All of our Matériautech® partners use it as a showcase for their expertise, as the website has been visited in more than 120 countries. SQLI fully met our expectations with photo shoots which won over users from the outset," concludes Gilles Gauthier.

"The SQLI team was able to manage the complex features by combining technical data, an effective e-mailing system, an extranet platform, as well as the possibility of managing the contributions from our different websites in France and in Europe. With SQLI, we made the Materiautech® website a benchmark in the plastics processing industry, which is approved by the profession and all of our 900 members."