Marsa Maroc boosts productivity with an EAM system

SQLI implements a 3-year business maturity plan

Marsa Maroc has improved the quality of the services it provides to its clients as well as its productivity by developing a single maintenance policy that is implemented by all ports. The new challenges for this Moroccan port operator include ensuring the operational availability of its strategic infrastructure, maintaining the expertise of its staff and modernising and securing its work zones. SQLI was chosen to assist Marsa Maroc with this ambitious project.


Marsa Maroc sought to improve the quality of its service and to stand out from its competitors. As a national leader in the operation of port terminals in Morocco, it wanted to implement an EAM strategy in the nine ports it operates. EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is not limited only to maintenance activities but also applies to all services and processes that improve a company's performance.

That is why the new system meets several goals:

  • Serves as a safe, reliable, less expensive production tool+ Helps to maintain the expertise of staff members
  • Improves the quality of services provided
  • Optimises the efficiency of support assets
  • Respects the environment
  • Maintains the security of people and goods
  • Enhances the value of the maintenance function.

Marsa Maroc chose SQLI to provide support for this project, known as SIYANA, based on SQLI's business, methodological and technological expertise in Enterprise Asset Management.

Rachid SALAMA, Technical Director for Marsa Maroc, explained: « The logistics field in Morocco is experiencing a significant momentum and is highly competitive, which is why providing quality services to our clients is a priority. SQLI was the ideal partner for supporting us with the development of our human capital and ensuring the ongoing improvement of our fleet of equipment. They accurately identified our issues and the specific challenges of working with ports. »


Over the course of a year, after performing a complete analysis of Marsa Maroc's maintenance function and benchmarking best practices in European ports, SQLI provided a set of recommendations in a variety of areas, including equipment maintenance, inventory and procurement as well as employee working conditions. Finally, SQLI assisted Marsa Maroc's stakeholders in implementing these recommendations through a two-year business maturity plan.

Marsa Maroc has already noted significant progress, including:

  • productivity gains
  • better working conditions
  • improved service quality
  • improved communication among employees, and more

Among other things, thanks to the improved homogeneity of equipment maintenance standards across all sites, the improved reliability of digital data, the relevance of performance indicators, more comprehensive and accessible maintenance documentation as well as workshops and shops that are tidier and more secure, Marsa Maroc has become a veritable showcase for EAM in Morocco.

« Now we can truly say that the SIYANA project is a success. It is rare to have such clear results in such a short time and in so many areas. This is because of the significant investment made by the Management of Marsa Maroc and the solid expertise we brought to the table, in particular through our SQLI entity that is dedicated exclusively to EAM. The methods we apply are supported by international, recognised standards, but we were able to adapt them to the local technical and financial context in order to make a true impact for Marsa Maroc, with a guarantee of continuous improvements of EAM practices, » concluded Jacques Caire, Project Manager at SIYANA.