L'Oréal : a collaborative tool for corporate communications

WELL COMM’ : a successful tool for global communication

L'Oréal, the world's leading cosmetics group, entrusted SQLI with its Well Comm' project, a new information-sharing platform which optimises internal processes for corporate communications.

A solution which meets the challenges of the communications sector

Corporate communications is managed by nearly 500 staff members worldwide and is at the heart of the L'Oréal group's strategy. Due to a rapidly changing business world where the distribution of information between different teams needs to be optimised and adapted to new uses, L'Oréal decided to develop the Well Comm' project; an internal platform that was redesigned as a "hub" to facilitate the sharing of guidelines and all resources for communications staff around the world. Each member of staff concerned is offered enriched and prioritised content, enabling them to successfully carry out internal and external communications activities locally.

Universally popular

The system deliberately mimics e-commerce websites and highlights the data that the employees are interested in and then adds this to their shopping cart, just like product websites. People can access content very quickly, can bookmark it, download the items in a few clicks, indicate how urgent it is to process information and prioritise actions. With an integrated notification system, they are informed about new features available on Well Comm'.

The result has been very encouraging to date as feedback confirms that it is a highly-rated solution; 60% of target users access the platform regularly every week and particularly like:

  • The easy browsing
  • The design
  • The collaborative aspect between contributors and users

SQLI's winning combination   

L'Oréal chose SQLI for its ability to address and put together 360° projects, based on expertise in consulting and development, supported by its agency WAX Interactive and its UX design skills. The development is based on the open source CMS Umbraco, which is entirely hosted in an Azure environment in SaaS mode.

Offering centralised data, quick access, ease of use, as well as a clear view of the communications elements available, Well Comm' brings together and now mobilises a real community worldwide.L'Oréal, which has already worked with SQLI in the past, is very satisfied with this successfully completed project.