Legrand selects SQLI for its web strategy with Acquia's DXP platform

A web factory designed with Acquia to speed up business in more than 100 countries

As the leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures, Legrand distributes more than 300,000 products in 180 countries, under several brands. In order to increase awareness of its B2B and B2C brands, and speed up lead generation, Legrand wanted to equip its APMEASA (Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, South America) zone with a site factory. Along with Acquia, SQLI was selected to carry out this mission.

A turnkey solution to align subsidiaries with a quality standard

The APMEASA zone includes more than 40 subsidiaries. At present, Legrand's online presence in these regions is based on heterogeneous websites. Legrand would like to move these subsidiaries forward so that each of them has a website in line with expected levels of functional and technological quality. Among the shared functionalities are the contact forms integrated in the CRM, a store locator, a high-performance search engine and a content management tool.

Dominique Laporte, Digital Projects Manager in Legrand's Information Systems Department explains: "We were looking for a system designed to be a turnkey solution for each country, which would make it possible to centralise and secure the technological basis, while leaving subsidiaries free to create and manage content according to local requirements and challenges."

The site factory: keystone of an international business strategy

The Web factory is a response to issues faced by digital teams in the APMEASA zone. It reduces local teams' technical management workload, freeing them up to focus on content production and marketing actions, in order to better understand and engage with customers and prospects.

It also offers numerous advantages, including the following:

  • Common Group presentation and marketing messages
  • Sharing of content between subsidiaries
  • Functional innovations provided simultaneously for all subsidiaries, enabling common website enhancement
  • Additional layer of security for the IT basis
Beyond this, the site factory will enable the following long-term objectives to be met:

  • Onboarding of new brands acquired by the Group and potentially larger subsidiaries outside the zone, with the aim of pooling resources and more advanced functional innovation
  • Integration of value-added services offered by Legrand to its partner distributors in the Web factory

SQLI and Acquia: managing the project

The Site Factory platform developed by Acquia, the leader in cloud-based digital experience management solutions, won over the teams. This additional Dupral CMS layer offers an excellent level of security. It enables the creation of a master that will serve as the basis for website production, and the sharing of content between subsidiaries using the same language.

SQLI, a European player recognised for its mastery of globally deployed digital transformation actions, was selected to carry out this major project. In addition to a high level of expertise in Drupal and Acquia technologies, SQLI also provided support with change management, as well as Analytics and SEO strategy, which are central to the project's success

Juan Moreno-Alamo, Marketing and Business Development VP for APMEASA zones, stated that: "We are enthusiastic about this key project, which is creating a lot of expectation in the Group and its subsidiaries."

Benoît Watrigant, Digital Project Manager at Legrand added that: “The creation of the site factory is very important for the Group, which made it a priority during the difficult period of the COVID-19 lockdown. We will actually be running this project remotely, which is a new challenge we will be taking on with SQLI!

Launched in August 2020, the mission will be extended with the gradual inclusion of new brands and the largest subsidiaries, as well as the setting up of a PIM system integrated in the site factory.