JouéClub chooses unified commerce

A strong start to the festive season with a sharp focus on the customer journey

A toy and games retail leader, JouéClub, launched its new e-commerce platform on the 4th of October 2018. In order to streamline the customer journey and enhance its positioning as a web pioneer, JouéClub is moving towards unified commerce with a single purchasing experience that integrates its web, mobile and brick-and-mortar channels. It has called on the services of SQLI – Digital Experience Agency: a leading European player in omnichannel commerce that has delivered more than 350 international projects.

Unifying and streamlining the customer journey between the web and stores: the core of the project

JouéClub has a specific business model: it is a cooperative that brings together independent specialists who are passionate about toys and form a network of 300 local stores. The brand's strength lies in its stores, due to their proximity and quality of services towards their customers.

Up until now, customers could use the JouéClub’s Drive service to pick up products, ordered online, at stores through an e-commerce platform linked to nearly 220 sites dedicated to the Drive service. The path to purchase was decentralised and web visibility was suboptimal due to duplicate content.

Always striving to better serve its customers, JouéClub wanted to:

  • Create a single, modernised e-commerce platform
  • Improve its web visibility
  • Reaffirm the expertise of their independent specialist network in terms of products and services
  • Promote and strengthen web2store and store2web synergies
  • Monitor customer journeys and optimise the ordering process
  • Reinforce customer knowledge and personalised marketing

All the expertise of a unified commerce specialist

SQLI and WAX Interactive, the Group's digital agency and omnichannel commerce expert, transformed the existing website into a single digital platform, including a mobile version. This transformation has enabled JouéClub to bolster its omnichannel dimension and its brand positioning.

The comprehensive support provided includes:

  • An audit of the existing e-commerce site and identification of the needs of the cooperative's members
  • A formulation of the new omnichannel strategy
  • Change management involving General Management and the network of independent members
  • A study of e-commerce platform publishers and assistance with choosing a solution
  • UX design and artistic direction
  • SEO and Digital Analytics
  • Management and deployment of the platform

JouéClub selected Proximis, one of SQLI's major partners, to achieve this. Its solution is designed for unified commerce, integrating an intelligent order management engine and an in-store sales app. Its experts will continue to work with the SQLI team to deploy website upgrades and complete the seamless experience.*

Flat design was chosen for the creative direction, with solid colours and rounded shapes, in phase with the world of children and a modernised visual identity. To highlight the platform's fun and human aspects, a handwriting font was created for certain key terms.

A standard-setting platform that superbly meets omnichannel challenges

The digital system makes it possible to merge databases. It centralises stock in the purchasing centre, optimising the resupply of sales outlets and access to products for users. It therefore provides a practical benefit for both customers and stores.Members of the cooperative, which had their own ERP systems, can now access a unified back-office, which simplifies their activities and facilitates communication with operational teams. It also provides operational teams with a powerful marketing tool.

They can now:

  • Analyse user journeys
  • Analyse the performance of individual products
  • Better meet customer knowledge and loyalty scheme objectives

In this crucial end-of-year period, JouéClub now has a standard-setting e-commerce website that meets the needs and habits of consumers, improves its knowledge of customers and maximises sales opportunities.

Throughout this project, a true partnership was formed between the SQLI team with Proximis, and JouéClub. 

"The level of expertise, investment and constant attention shown by SQLI's team enabled us to take up this amazing challenge. Thanks to effective three-way teamwork and agile project management, we were able to complete our mission on time for the Christmas season." stated Aurélie Cayla, Digital Marketing Manager at JouéClub.