Groupama Protection Juridique (legal protection) redesigns its entire information system

A developmental project successfully completed by SQLI

In order to assert and develop its positioning in the field of legal protection, Groupama called on SQLI to overhaul its core business application. This new platform will enable Groupama Protection Juridique to enrich its services offer and stand out from the competition.

A developtmental and competitiveness-focus objective

The insurance offered by Groupama Protection Juridique is used to facilitate the settlement of the disputes of its 13 million policyholders in specific areas such as health, housing, consumerism, accidents or employment law.

To handle all the requests from its policyholders and manage processes - creating contracts, managing multi-channel flows (mail, calls, etc.), managing claims, accounting, closing cases, etc. - Groupama Protection Juridique relies on an application suite.In an effort to highlight its business expertise but also to strengthen its image as a trusted operator in the eyes of its policyholders and partners, Groupama Protection Juridique wanted to restructure its Information System to achieve several objectives:

  • To have an efficient, simple and user-friendly application suite to encourage appropriation of it by users accustomed to the old version;
  • To stand out from the competition with a more effective application, which makes it possible to have excellent adaptability to meet the varied demands of its customers and partners;
  • To benefit from a customised and upgradeable technological platform which enables Groupama Protection Juridique to enrich its services offer in order to better protect its policyholders.

Groupama Protection Juridique was convinced by SQLI's offer combining high-level technological expertise with a simplified user experience, as well as by its experience of large-scale projects, so it chose SQLI to assist it with this overhaul.

A 360° view of policyholders

The overhaul of business applications is a genuine company-wide project which has had an impact on all of Groupama Protection Juridique's processes: legal information, management of contracts, commercial development, flows and accounting.

Combining added value and innovation in the solutions provided, knowledge about the world of insurance and performance in terms of the services delivered, SQLI was able to develop a solution with Java technology which perfectly matches Groupama Protection Juridique's expectations.

SQLI produced a work tool which is effective and much more suited to the structural and technical constraints which are incumbent upon the major insurance companies, offering them a complete picture of their millions of customer records shared between different departments.

« The project was difficult because we are an insurance company with the problems and complex issues that come with that. Thanks to the close collaboration between the SQLI teams and Groupama, we were able to find solutions. We particularly liked SQLI's persistence and its ability to understand the challenges and requirements of our Information System. The results speak for themselves.  We now have a 360° view of customer information. It's great! This saves us time and is more efficient. Our brand image has been strengthened! Finally, thanks to the technical platform and web services we have opportunities for development and we can now think about mobility, » says Frédéric Chouteau, CIO at Groupama Protection Juridique.

SQLI remains committed to assisting Groupama Protection Juridique with the development of its business application.