Galler: a new website focused on gourmet experiences

A chocolatey user experience from WAX Interactive.

Galler: passionate about chocolate

Jean Galler is a Belgian chocolate maker whose standing has become international in recent years. Since 1976 he has designed quality products using the best raw materials available (a selection he makes himself, from the point of view of both taste and ethics). His chocolates are available in more than 2,000 points of sale in more than 30 countries around the world. In 2015, turnover was close to €30 million. a new website to embody an updated identity

Galler has been strengthening its visual identity for two years and its communications are geared more towards a love of good food and pleasure. The concept of 'Gourmet Experiences' as the basis of the corporate identity and style guide is also used as a baseline. It was initially used for offline communications, and recently branched out into digital when the website was updated in 2015.

Galler entrusted WAX Interactive with the graphic, technical and editorial overhaul of its web storefront with the aim of offering a welcoming, fun and attractive universe whose configuration would make it possible to optimise the consumer's experience.

Sabine Lejoly, Trade Marketing Manager at Galler, says: "We were won over by the highly professional and evidence-based approach of the WAX teams. Their technical knowledge and the pedagogical ability that they demonstrated immediately reassured us about the smooth running and success of the project." a digital customer experience that kindles desire

In order to fully exploit the concept of 'Gourmet Experiences' and give Galler customers a genuine digital experience, the WAX Interactive teams developed a new, more dynamic and animated website. Thanks to the parallax, they notably managed to create movement and depth.To transport the visitor to a pleasurable moment, each product is presented and showcased as an experience to be enjoyed.

The latter is illustrated with photos which make it possible to both get across the passion for chocolate, kindle desire and also orchestrate bringing consumers and chocolate together.The website also offers a 'store locator' which offers increased visibility for shops and the brand's points of sale.

Sabine Lejoly adds: "We greatly appreciated the WAX teams' technical and design expertise. This has enabled us to establish a trusting relationship. Their responsiveness and their ability to quickly integrate, roll out, implement and deploy the brand's codes has enabled us to move forward quickly and consequently meet online launch deadlines."