Eiffage Immobilier reinforces its digital strategy with WAX Interactive

Running & managing marketing campaigns, advice and media buying

Eiffage Immobilier chose the Parisian agency WAX Interactive to provide overall assistance with all of its digital issues. The experts at WAX are going to steer and manage the implementation of around thirty national and local marketing campaigns. To support each of the campaigns a media kit made up of a dedicated website, a responsive e-mail template & specific designs will be deployed. This will be reinforced with advice and media buying recommendations in order to boost the brand's visibility on the internet with the aim of generating the maximum number of qualified leads.

Eiffage - a European leader in concessions and the public buildings and works sector

With a turnover of €14 billion in 2014 and 66,000 employees located in nearly 70 countries around the world, Eiffage is unquestionably one of the European leaders in concessions and the public buildings and works sector.Its activity is organised around 7 areas: construction, real estate, roads, civil engineering, energy, metal and concessions.

Eiffage Immobilier, the builder-developer subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, is a major operator in real estate which is developing a varied offer across the whole of France: a partner of local authorities as part of their urban development projects and public housing operators for their housing programmes; Eiffage Immobilier is also very active in the private sector: assisted-living housing and homes, the hotel business, business properties and commercial urban planning. Eiffage Immobilier had turnover of €740 million in 2014.

Digital real estate: a specific ultra-competitive market

The digital strategy of real estate operators is based on getting the best match between the offers suggested to targets - investors or private individuals - and their real estate project: is it to rent, buy, in new or old property, to live in or invest in? To meet these criteria, WAX Interactive offers unique assistance on the market which makes it possible to give real estate operators a long-term web strategy. The WAX Interactive experts are able to very carefully segment customer databases in order to perfectly target the needs of Internet users. With specific filters which only pick up real and active profiles, and the appropriate media mix, the ideal points of contact between the brand and the potential buyer will be created. The goal of this strategy is to keep the potential customer captive throughout their digital decision-making journey so that the brand accompanies them right up to the actual purchase.

Rémy Doehaerd, Director of Consulting, WAX Interactive France: "Our role is also to lead our clients to innovate and explore new territories in order to expand the distribution channels for offers so that they are there where the competition is not!"

Eiffage Immobilier & Wax Interactive - comprehensive digital assistance

Since January, WAX Interactive has been assisting Eiffage Immobilier to manage and run around thirty annual campaigns. The objective for Eiffage Immobilier is to develop and boost its online presence and consequently generate the maximum number of leads and qualified buyer profiles.So for each real estate programme developed by Eiffage Immobilier, WAX interactive deploys an ad hoc marketing campaign based around:

  • A dedicated responsive landing page, developed with a mini-website factory conceived by the experts at WAX, which quickly generates standardised and ready-to-use web pages.
  • A set of visuals specifically chosen for each project as well as an e-mailing template with the objective of maintaining visual uniformity which consequently reassures the Internet user when they are navigating.
  • Centralised management of all the companies and partners involved in the marketing campaigns and implementation of standardised processes in order to facilitate the analysis and optimisation of the performance of digital initiatives.

The WAX Interactive teams' advice on media buying and recommendations on wording reinforce this system for controlling and maintaining the most competitive lead acquisition cost possible.

Gaël Naras, Head of web communications, Eiffage Immobilier, explains: "What was decisive in us choosing WAX was their both technical and functional expertise in the real estate sector; as well as the levers they offered to set in motion for us and which seemed highly relevant to us and consistent with our expectations."